5 YouTube videos for new copywriters and freelance writers

5 Videos You MUST Watch If You’re a New Copywriter or Freelance Writer!

Are you a brand new copywriter or blog post writer, overwhelmed by the abundance of writing “knowledge” on the Internet? Have you spent countless hours sifting through YouTube, trying to find successful copywriters and freelance writers who offer ACTIONABLE steps to help you grow your business?

That’s where I come in! I’ve put together a list of 5 must-watch YouTube videos from successful female writers and coaches I highly recommend, who show you exactly how to start and grow your freelance business (plus, there’s even a little bonus for you!). So let’s dive in!

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As a brand-new (or even semi-new) copywriter or freelance writer (yes, there’s a difference), there can be an almost overwhelming wealth of “knowledge” on the internet. While I am a firm believer of “you get what you pay for”, there are a few gems I’ve found that offer paid AND free content!

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YouTube videos you must watch as a new copywriter
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Alex Cattoni – 5 Mistakes New Copywriters Make That Keep Them Stuck & Broke

Alex Cattoni is one of my favorite copywriting teachers and I’ve filled more than one notebook with the invaluable knowledge I’ve learned from her.

I loved this video so much because I’ve fallen into trap #3 – with a background in manufacturing, I have plenty of knowledge to write for B2B clients … but I’ve also been trying to get out of manufacturing, so I turned my nose up at it. I’m not super-passionate about it so I wrote it off as a niche to write for.

Big mistake.

Thanks to a re-center from Alex and this video, I’m taking a closer look at my B2B experience (including previous content I’ve written), and I’m going to find clients who will help me fine-tune my writing and grow my expertise.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what I’ve learned from Alex Cattoni’s FREE YouTube channel!

Pssst … need to find clients? She also has a FANTASTIC video about 40 Weird Ways to Find Clients! It’s already one of my favorite videos.

Elna Cain – The BEST Article Writing Sites That Pay Freelance Writers

Elna Cain is one of my favorite freelance writers to learn from and this video is perfect for writers who are looking for websites to guest post for.

One of the hardest things for me, as a newbie freelance writer, was finding websites / companies that would PAY ME to write for them. Elna’s recent video about websites that pay you to write isn’t the only one she’s produced. I love that she has more than one video that offers places to pitch to and make money, even if you have no experience (perfect for newbies!).

Elna talks about a variety of topics – from picking your freelance writing niche (another HARD thing for me to do), writing pitches, and even avoiding writer’s block!

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Filthy Rich Writer – Terrible Advice New Copywriters Get All The Time

I have learned so much from Nicki and Kate at Filthy Rich Writer – I’ve even gone through their Comprehensive Copywriting Academy – and I love how this video talks about the terrible advice that new copywriters / freelance writers get ALL the time!

One of the biggest things that stuck out to me in this video was the difference between content writing and copywriting. Having gone through the CCA training (and maintaining multiple blogs over the years), I know there’s a BIG difference between content (blog posts, etc.) and copywriting (persuasive writing). But it can be very easy for new freelance writers to fall into this trap – why is there a difference? What does it matter?

Writing Revolt by Jorden – How to Create Writing Samples / a Writing Portfolio that wins clients! (no experience necessary)

This video by Jorden is a MUST WATCH for anyone who (like me!) has gotten stuck in that depressing cycle of “I need clients to get experience, but I need experience to get clients!”

It shows how websites like LinkedIn and Medium can be great places to share sample blog posts that you can link to in your portfolio … as well as the importance of having a dedicated writer website (something I will definitely be creating in the very near future!).

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Sarah Turner – How to Navigate AI as a Copywriter

For many new freelance writers & copywriters, AI can be a scary thing. After ChatGPT and other AI tools showed up, so many writers thought it was the end of their careers. What I like about Sarah’s video (and her entire strategy), is that she talks about how writers can strengthen their skills and learn how to use AI to make them even more appealing to the high-paying clients.

I’ve only been following Sarah for a little while now, but her YouTube channel is packed with so much valuable information and success stories from her students!

Bonus MUST-WATCH channel: Maria Wendt

I had to add this bonus channel to my list because, although Maria Wendt doesn’t help freelance writers specifically, she teaches female entrepreneurs how to find clients (a BIG skill for new freelancers!).

I have learned so much from Maria Wendt (and the strategies I’ve learned are helping me focus on finding clients through Instagram and other non-cold outreach ways (perfect for an introvert like me)!

One of my favorite Maria Wendt videos:

This video is all about how to get clients from Facebook groups that don’t allow self-promotion. These groups are where your ideal clients are likely to be, but how are you supposed to connect with them if you can’t promote your services? I love her semi-sneaky ways around it (and it’s why this is one of my favorite videos!).

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YouTube videos for new bloggers
YouTube videos you must watch as a new copywriter

A few thoughts before you go …

I hope this blog post has been helpful for any new (or aspiring) copywriters and freelance writers! If you’re serious about making a career writing, I highly recommend becoming part of a community. Connect with other copywriters, freelance writers, or freelance bloggers (depending on your services).

Are you a copywriter? I’d love to connect!

Happy writing, xo!

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