Wild Island Love Melissa Foster book review

Book Review: Wild Island Love by Melissa Foster


We’re back on Silver Island with this book review. WILD ISLAND LOVE by Melissa Foster is a spicy, celebrity fake dating story featuring one of our favorite families, the Steeles! Leni Steele is a workaholic who has been burned by love before, swearing off men altogether. But this latest Steele family installation has her paired with none other than actor Duncan Raz. If you’re a fan of the fake dating trope, this is the book to pick up!

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Fake Dating = Steamy Banter

Wild Island Love Leni Steele and Duncan Raz Melissa Foster
Have you read WILD ISLAND LOVE yet?

I wanted a happy ending for Leni more than the boys. She’s a kick-butt PR rep who looks like she has her whole life together. But she’s been burned by love more than once and she’s not willing to let her walls down. She isn’t going to risk getting hurt again.

Duncan Raz is an actor. He’s charming and he’s in need of a fake date to fix his public image after a bad breakup. What he doesn’t count on is Leni. Snarky, spitfire Leni Steele.

I loved watching Leni and Raz fall for each other because they both managed to convince themselves that it was fake. Leni was sure that Raz was just a really good actor. Raz was positive Leni saw it as a fake relationship. But both of them were falling for each other.

And oh my gosh the banter!! These two are 🥵 and I loved every minute of it!!

Duncan Raz is a serious family man

In WILD ISLAND LOVE, we get to see an actor who can put on a good face for the public. But when he introduces Leni to his parents and when he comes home to Silver Island with her and meets her family, we see an entirely different person. Raz is so amazing with his parents – and I loved the popsicle stick with Leni’s photo on it when she couldn’t join them out adventuring. Too cute!

And Silver Island Raz is the same – he’s charming with Leni’s parents and he handles her brothers like nobody’s business. He truly fits in among her family.

Leni jumped into her brother’s path and held up her hand. “Stop! Indi, control your beast. Raz, put on your frigging pants.”


The Steele family pranks return!

I would be afraid of my shadow if I lived with the Steele boys! I thought it was bad when they had Levi fake-arrested but what the boys do to Raz?! Oh my gosh!! The pranks were back in full force in WILD ISLAND LOVE and it was hilarious!

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Jules and Grant Get Married!!!

Even though I haven’t actually read MY TRUE LOVE, I adore Jules and her extra-happy personality! I have been waiting for Jules’s wedding, after seeing how in love she and Grant are. She’s the sweetest, happiest person and an amazing sister and friend. And her wedding was SUPER ROMANTIC! It was the perfect pixie fairytale, 100% Jules.

Hadley threw it as high as she could and twirled beneath the showering confetti, shouting “Look, Daddy Dock! It’s pixie dust!”


Little Miss Hadley is even cuter!

I adore little kids and Hadley is the cutest ever! She stole my heart in TEMPTED BY LOVE with her and “Daddy Dock” but little flower girl Hadley was even better!

As with all of the Love in Bloom interconnected books, I loved the other characters who made appearances. Of course, Hadley and Joey were the highlights, but I also loved seeing Remi and Mason (and I completely forgot about Raz and Remi’s kissing scene!!).

Wild Island Love Melissa Foster book review


WILD ISLAND LOVE is the story of Leni Steele, a workaholic PR rep, and Duncan Raz, a cocky A-list actor. When Leni and Raz are forced into a fake date, sparks fly. As Leni and Raz play their parts for the cameras, fake kisses and spicy, seductive touches turn into something that feels very real to both. But is Raz just a really good actor? Can Leni and Raz have their own real-life love story or, like their fake relationship, will it all come to an end?

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WILD ISLAND LOVE is a fun, snarky, romantic fake-dating story that tugs on all your heartstrings! I highly recommend it!!

Leni Steele and Duncan Raz, fake dating, Melissa Foster
Wild Island Love Leni & Raz Melissa Foster

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