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ARC Book Review: Walk of Shame by Avery Flynn


Let’s talk about WALK OF SHAME by Avery Flynn! This is my first book from Avery Flynn and a fantastic intro to hockey romances. The story of a one-night stand that turns into a “can’t happen again”, all while dipping the reader into the exciting world of hockey … it’s a home run laser beam? (ignoring my poor hockey slang!)

But don’t just take my word for it … go read this icy gem yourself!

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My First Thoughts About WALK OF SHAME

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Have you read WALK OF SHAME yet?

WALK OF SHAME starts with Astrid, who is about to marry a goalie who plays for her dad’s hockey team. Putting on her wedding dress to walk down the aisle and he FaceTimes her … from an airport.

My first thoughts? What a douche! My second, third and fourth thoughts? Tig is still a dick.

F*** Hockey

I felt for Astrid right away. She’s getting ready to marry this guy in her deceased mom’s wedding dress and she’s dumped at the altar.

But he’s a famous goalie. So shit hits the fan when he leaves. And she needs to pick up the pieces and put her life back together – minus hockey (even though her dad’s this super successful coach). Intense start.

“What kind of a**hole would dump his fiancée via FaceTime minutes before their wedding ceremony was about to begin?”

first line, WALK OF SHAME

And the “extra” family!

I am a huge fan of characters who have a non-biological extended family. In Astrid’s case, it’s all the coaches who work with her dad (former hockey players, etc.) and each one of them has become a sort of extra family member.

I love love LOVE how protective they are of her (especially Bear!). Every single parent needs a support behind him/her like the one Astrid’s dad has. WALK OF SHAME gives the reader the perfect “extra” family feeling!

Mrs. Duffy is HILARIOUS!

It’s rare that side characters stand out for me, but the entire short interaction Astrid had with her neighbor, Mrs. Duffy, had me giggling and highlighting. She’s this ex-sorta-crime boss lady? And Astrid’s best friend’s Aunt-ish-Granny. Whatever she was … she’s hilarious!

She’s blunt and tells Astrid in no-nonsense that if she was decades younger, she’d go after Cal. So “buy some glue for that heart of yours” and go after him …

“Mrs. Duffy was more likely to trip a toddler with her tennis-ball-tipped cane than let Astrid borrow a cup of sugar.”



Characters and Relationships0

Avery Flynn does a great job of building her characters. Right from the start, she creates ones you want to hate and ones you really love. I loved Avery because she's my favorite type of heroine - the strong, doesn't-need-a-man one who can take care of herself. And Cal is the sexy, broody, knight in shining armor.

Let's add sexual tension to this category. Because there was some serious chemistry between Cal and Astrid. Literally sparking off the page. But it's not only sexual tension - it's the sweetness that comes as Cal and Astrid get to know each other, even though Astrid keeps trying to convince herself that it's nothing.

Atmosphere and Setting0

As a hockey romance, a good portion of this book takes place on the ice. Thanks to the description used, I felt like I actually was in the hockey arena and it made everything cohesive.

Writing Style0

I really enjoyed the writing style in WALK OF SHAME. Although I read a NetGalley copy that wasn't formatted very well (thanks a lot, NetGalley), I was still hooked by the seamless writing.

Also, 3rd person is my favorite perspective, as the author isn't confined to what the characters can sense/feel/think.

Plot and Ending0

I am brand new to hockey romances but oh my gosh, I loved this one! Astrid is dumped at the altar (though we later find out that the jacka** thought SHE was the one who dumped him ... what a loser!) and swears off all things hockey. Then she hooks up with a sexy guy - Cal - who comes to her 'rescue' at a bar where she's working. Fate steps in and they end up working together to help her ex get his goalie mojo back. All the while, sparks fly between Astrid and Cal, though Astrid insists nothing can come of it.

I loved the plot of WALK OF SHAME - intense attraction but characters who insist that they can't (or shouldn't) be together.

And the ending - just wow! I adored watching Astrid and Cal when they thought it was nothing, then seeing everything start blooming ... but the ending had me nearly in tears. I loved it!

Intrigue or Charm0

I had no issues staying hooked on WALK OF SHAME. I would sit down and read multiple chapters in the blink of an eye.

The tension between Astrid and Cal made each page turn more satisfying than the last. I found myself (not-so-secretly) hoping they would find a way to be together, despite Astrid's belief that she couldn't be with Cal if she was going to make her dad's last season as coach a good one. Poor girl.

Logic and Believability (also Magic)0

I had zero issues with logic in WALK OF SHAME. The story progressed as I expected, characters came in and out as made sense, and the romance didn't feel rushed.


Absolutely! Yes, I enjoyed WALK OF SHAME! I loved Astrid and Cal, the side characters, the "it's not happening again" romance aspect of it. I liked that the story didn't revolve around jacka** Tig, even though they were trying to help him get his goalie mojo back. All-in-all, this book made me want to reach for another Avery Flynn book ASAP. Definitely another of her hockey romances because she knows what she's doing!

WALK OF SHAME by Avery Flynn is the story of a one-night stand between a hockey has-been and the daughter of the coach (who swore off hockey when she was left at the altar by a jacka** goalie).

A Summary of WALK OF SHAME

Walk of Shame Avery Flynn

Walk of Shame by Avery Flynn
Series: Downside of Dating #2
Also in the Series: Anger Bang
Publisher: Entangled: Amara
Pub Date: March 18, 2024
Format: e-ARC
Source: Valentine PR
Genre: Romance
Tropes: hockey romance, close proximity, forbidden romance, workplace romance
Pages: 332
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

WALK OF SHAME is the perfect read for hockey romance fans, or fans of the "it can't happen again" trope! I'll definitely be reading more of Avery Flynn in the very near future!

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