Different Like Me picture book mini reviews

7 Unique Picture Books: Mini Review Edition

Here in the USA, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So I want to share one thing I am very thankful for – my children’s love of reading! I’m always on the hunt for unique picture books, as Girl Minion still enjoys reading those. We’ve found more than a few that are thought-provoking, heartwarming, and absolutely adorable. If you have a little one who enjoys reading, these are just a few we highly recommend!

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How to Catch a Unicorn Picture Book Mini Reviews

How to Catch a Unicorn

by Adam Wallace & Andy Elkerton
✮✮✮✮✮ (5/5 stars)
Amazon | Bookshop | Goodreads

Girl Minion has been on a unicorn kick for the last couple of years. Unicorn sheets, unicorn backpacks, unicorn clothes, and of course … unicorn books! She loved this beautifully illustrated book.

5 friends are on a mission to catch a unicorn and set many traps throughout the zoo. We loved how each unique animal helped the unicorn escape and also came to the conclusion that unicorns fart glitter. Go figure! This book is so much fun for unicorn enthusiasts and it’s one we’ll be reading again!

Picture Book Mini Reviews


by Lisa Wheeler, Illustrated by Barry Gott
✮✮✮✮ (4/5 stars)
** We received a complimentary copy via NetGalley. This in no way influenced our review.
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I have a young dino-lover so DINO-THANKSGIVING was a hit with us! All the dinos gather together for a very human-like Thanksgiving: turkey, a parade, and football. And through it all, the Compy keeps swinging by and asking if dinner’s ready yet.

I liked that this book showed vegetarian and non-vegetarian ways of celebrating Thanksgiving, but it also didn’t just center around the food. It was about family and friends, spending time together, and they even had a bonfire afterward. For little dinosaur fans, this is a great book to read!

Hockey in the Wild Nicholas Oldland

Hockey in the Wild

by Nicholas Oldland
✮✮✮✮✮ (5/5 stars)
** We received a complimentary copy via NetGalley. This in no way influenced our review.
Amazon | Bookshop | Goodreads

HOCKEY IN THE WILD is an adorable picture book about three animal friends who can’t wait to play hockey. Once the beaver finds out there’s ice on the lake and he can’t go swimming, they try to play hockey. But the ice isn’t thick enough. So they wait. And wait.

The illustrations are so much fun! They reminded me a little bit of paper cutouts and Girl Minion enjoyed pointing out the different foods the animals binged on while they waited for the ice to be thick enough to play.

We are definitely going to check out more books from the Life in the Wild series!

Different Like Me picture book mini reviews

Different Like Me

by Xochitl Dixon, Illustrated by Bonnie Lui
✮✮✮✮✮ (5/5 stars)
** We received a complimentary copy via NetGalley. This in no way influenced our review.
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In a time where the world needs to understand that we’re not so different after all, this book is a fantastic addition to any child (or adult)’s library. First, the illustrations are gorgeous. I loved the simple style and how colorful everything was. Boy and Girl Minion ooh’d and ahh’d over the illustrations and the big fish on many of the pages. As a Christian mom, I loved the message this book was teaching. Even though we’re different, we’re all made in God’s image. He made us all special and unique, but all very much alike.

This is a fairly easy book for young readers. At 6yo (read in 2020), Boy Minion struggled with some of the larger words, but most of it he was able to read on his own. It’s definitely one that we’ll be buying a hard copy of, as they will enjoy reading it for years to come.

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Today I'll be a unicorn picture book mini reviews

Today I’ll Be a Unicorn

by Dana Simpson
✮✮✮✮✮ (5/5 stars)
** We received a complimentary copy via NetGalley. This in no way influenced our review.
Amazon | Goodreads

This book was adorable! I initially requested it on NetGalley because a friend of mine loves unicorns and I knew it would be a hit with Girl Minion, as well. (Read in 2018, this was at the beginning of her unicorn phase 🤷‍♀️)

The book revolves around a little girl who decides she’s going to be a unicorn one day. She talks about all the fun things she’s going to do while being a unicorn. Then her unicorn friend lets her in on a secret – unicorns eat hay. Well, the little girl isn’t going to eat hay. Maybe she’ll be a unicorn tomorrow, instead.

Adorable and hilarious. I have watched my little minions pretend to be something, only to find out a small detail (like unicorns don’t get to eat pizza – they eat hay) and nope, they aren’t going to pretend that anymore. This book was a beautifully illustrated representation of the whims of a child’s imagination.

AAAlligator! picture book mini review


by Judith Henderson, Illustrated by Andrea Stegmaier
✮✮✮✮✮ (5/5 stars)
** We received a complimentary copy via NetGalley. This in no way influenced our review.
Amazon | Bookshop | Goodreads

This is the cutest story about a little boy who takes pity on a trapped alligator. He brings him leftovers, sings him a lullaby, and then cuts him free of the vine that holds him while he sleeps. The alligator and the boy become friends but, as always when people are afraid, the mayor decrees that there can be “no alligators, blah blah blah”.

AAALLIGATOR! was so much fun to read. My minions loved seeing the little boy with his alligator friend and seeing what happens when people take the time to get to know someone (or an animal, in this case) before making a snap judgment. It truly is a must-read for young and old!

Watermelon Madness picture book mini reviews

Watermelon Madness

by Taghreed Najjar, Illustrated by Maya Fidawi
Translated by Michelle Hartman
✮✮✮✮ (4/5 stars)
** We received a complimentary copy via NetGalley. This in no way influenced our review.
Amazon | Bookshop | Goodreads

We’ve previously reviewed WATERMELON MADNESS on this blog, but it’s so cute I had to add it to this list.

The entire story centers around Noura, a little girl who loves her watermelon. She loves it so much that she gets greedy one night and sticks an entire watermelon under her bed. Of course, this leads to a crazy dream and it’s a dream that results in a tummy ache.

Girl Minion and I really enjoyed this book and I loved how it presented us with a bit of a cultural experience. I know very little about Middle-Eastern foods so some of the foods that Noura eats were unfamiliar to me. It was fun for us to learn together what people eat in other countries (besides watermelon, of course!)

Unique Picture Books Mini Review Edition
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And a few final thoughts …

These unique picture books will make a fantastic addition to any little one’s library. They’re packed full of life lessons, adorable illustrations, and heartwarming characters.

Do you have any picture books that should be added to our TBR? Let us know in the comments and happy holidays, xo!

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  1. These sound like some great books. That watermelon one especially looks fun. I may just need to pick that one up.

  2. These seem like fun books to read and look at with children! I’ll have to forward the post to my kids for them to have more books to consider reading with my grandchildren! Or maybe have some books to check out to make video calls a little more fun with story time, too!

  3. Thank you for all these beautiful ideas. My good daughter will love some of these for her next birthday. You’ve put a lot of effort and just want to say thank you.

  4. My granddaughters love to read, I think I’m going to grab a few of these books for them both. I know they would really like the How to Catch a Unicorn book.

  5. These all look incredible and I love the cover art on them too! I love buying books for the kiddos and I always invested in their home library and they are now avid readers. Great selection and checking a few out for my God Daughter.

  6. I absolutely adore your review of ‘How to Catch a Unicorn’! It sounds like such a delightful read, especially for little unicorn enthusiasts. The idea of animals helping the unicorn escape is not only entertaining but also teaches valuable lessons about teamwork and kindness.

  7. These books look so cute. I remember when my kids were little they loved picture books. They are too old now for them but hopefully, one day my grand children will enjoy some of these.

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