February book club Melissa Foster The Wicked Truth

Book Review: The Wicked Truth by Melissa Foster


Let’s talk about THE WICKED TRUTH by Melissa Foster! It’s not often that I will wait months for a book but this one was like that for me. As soon as I finished Gunner and Sid’s story (CRAZY, WICKED LOVE), I couldn’t wait to really get to know Madigan. And of all the heroes to give her, Melissa picked the right one with Tobias Riggs.

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Spicy, Sexy, HOT!

The Wicked Truth book review Melissa Foster favorite author
Have you read THE WICKED TRUTH yet?

Full disclosure: this book is HOT! Spicy, sexy hot. I wouldn’t recommend reading it in public.

I loved Madigan and Tobias so SO much! After the last two Wicked brothers, I needed another dose of this family and Mads is the perfect fit for that. She is one INSANE #girlboss and a talented musician, as well.

Madigan Wicked is one of my favorite heroines. She’s a musician, has her own greeting card line, and even does PUPPET THERAPY! This girl can do it all, even with her brothers hovering and overprotecting.

And then there’s Tobias. Tobias Riggs is definitely the broody hero. He just got out of prison and doesn’t plan to get involved with Madigan. But the attraction is hot and intense.

We all know how that works out.

“Did you really think I was going to let you do this by yourself? Nobody in this family rides alone.”

Madigan Wicked, THE WICKED TRUTH

Ugly Cry Alert!

I was amazed again at Melissa’s ability to make me ugly cry at any point in her books. My heart broke for Tobias and everything he’s gone through. With Tank and Leah’s story, I ugly cried right away in the beginning. With Madigan and Tobias I lost count at how many times tears fell for them.

Melissa’s books evoke all those emotions and wrap them neatly up in this spicy little package.

My Loves and My Irritations

Let’s get it out there. There’s always that one character who irritates the ever-loving crud out of you. This time, it was Blaine. He’s Madigan’s older brother and really wore on my last nerve. I’m hopeful he’ll redeem himself in his upcoming book.

What I loved about this book more than made up for Blaine having his head up his ass. I adored the Wicked family (but that’s nothing new). Seriously, if they could just adopt me, that would be perfect. And the Dark Knights – this is a brotherhood of motorcycle riders who protect each other and everyone else, treat women right, and are just plain kick-ass.

Last but not least, Junie and Rosie. I will never get enough of Tank and Leah’s beautiful little girls. Or the baby!


THE WICKED TRUTH by Melissa Foster focuses on Madigan Wicked and Tobias Riggs. Madigan is a successful entrepreneur who wants to find love without her overprotective brothers getting in the way. Tobias Riggs recently got out of prison and just wants to get back on his feet. When the two meet, sparks fly and the attraction is undeniable.

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I would highly recommend THE WICKED TRUTH by Melissa Foster for anyone who enjoys spicy romances and independent female leads! Foster does not disappoint!

The Wicked Truth February Book Club Melissa Foster
February book club Melissa Foster The Wicked Truth

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