Curvy Single Mom romance Tragic Past

Book Review: Tempted by Love by Melissa Foster


Today, we’re going to talk about TEMPTED BY LOVE by Melissa Foster! The first thing I am going to say about this book is that if you have not been introduced to the Steele family or Silver Island, you are missing out. Insanely missing out. I have fallen in love with this fictional family and the entire world that Melissa Foster has created for them. But before I can gush about all of them, I need to start at the beginning … with Jock and Daphne.

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Hadley Steals the Show!

Let’s be honest … of all the characters in this book, Daphne’s daughter, Hadley, was the best. This adorable little toddler and “her Dock” were beyond precious! Hadley may be a handful but she zeroes in on Jock and, despite his tragic history, she claims him as her own. Melissa Foster knows how to write a broody hero but she also excels at writing adorable kids you just want to snuggle!

Intense, Real and Charismatic Characters

Curvy Single Mom romance Tragic Past
Have you read TEMPTED BY LOVE yet?

Each time I pick up one of these romances, I’m blown away. These characters are intense, real, charismatic, and I adore them!

Seriously, the Steele family could adopt me anytime.

I loved Daphne and Hadley from the first page. Daphne is a single mom, divorced, and working at a resort on Cape Cod. Her friends are a huge part of her life, and it’s fun seeing Emery and Dean – from BAYSIDE PASSIONS – after their own happily ever after.

I was sad to see how Daphne struggled with her “mom bod” and didn’t think she was attractive enough for Jock. As a mom, I know the struggles. Watching Jock help her through her insecurities warmed my heart. He is super supportive and his attraction to her is genuine.

A Hero With a Tragic Past

Talk about a tortured past for a hero! My heart broke for Jock the minute his tragedy was revealed and I wanted to help him through it almost as much as Daphne did. Jock has seen so much pain and heartbreak in his life but it’s obvious from the beginning of TEMPTED BY LOVE that he wants to find a way to be happy again. He wants to overcome his obstacles so he can be with Daphne.

And then you find out he’s an author and I swear I fell in love with him even more.

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I Love Big Families!

I adore Jock’s family! The larger families are the best part of Melissa’s books. All those interconnected stories and people popping up again and again. And twins!! I think there are 2 or 3 sets of twins between these two families and twins are my JAM! Reading TEMPTED BY LOVE had me eagerly waiting for Jock’s twin, Archer, to get his own happy ending.

*Since originally writing my review for TEMPTED BY LOVE, I’ve read Archer’s
story and let me tell you, it was totally worth the wait!

The rest of the Steele family are just as amazing. Jock’s mom and dad with their winery and his pushy, super-happy sister Jules! I hesitate to say it too strongly but of all the Love in Bloom books I’ve read, I think Jules is my favorite character.

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TEMPTED BY LOVE by Melissa Foster is about single-mom Daphne Zablonski and bestselling author Jack “Jock” Steele. Because of a tragedy in Jock’s past, he struggles to be around Daphne’s daughter, Hadley, as his attraction to Daphne grows. On the other hand, Daphne is a divorced single mom who has been through hell and back with her ex-husband. Her biggest struggle is overcoming insecurities about her “mom bod” as her attraction to Jock grows, as well. Will these two find their happily ever after?

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I would highly recommend TEMPTED BY LOVE by Melissa Foster for anyone who loves a good single-parent romance. A curvy mom, slightly broken hero, and an adorable toddler! Sure to give you all the feels!

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