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Book Review: Sweet, Sexy Heart by Melissa Foster


Let’s talk about SWEET, SEXY HEART by Melissa Foster! I read this swoony book in 2021 and it is still at the top of my favorite book list. Swoony heroes, strong and independent women, and hilariously dirty grandmas! If you love romance, you’re not going to want to miss this one!

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Dash, Amber, the “dirty grandmas”, and All The Feels

Sweet Sexy Heart by Melissa Foster book review photo
Have you read SWEET, SEXY HEART yet?

I loved Amber and Dash! She’s not this silly girl, fawning over the sexy football star and he’s not this famous sports-playing jerk. Although, the “dirty grandmas” do plenty of swooning over Dash.

In the beginning of SWEET, SEXY HEART, the reader is led to believe that Dash is going to be this macho-jock. Very early on in the book, however, it’s clear just how much Amber is affecting him. Even though Amber is the quiet bookworm – and she owns a bookstore!! – she can’t deny the attraction between her and Dash.

Sparks fly through this book and I loved how their true feelings couldn’t be hidden. It’s the best kind of love story.

I loved Nana & the Dirty Grandmas!

One of my favorite characters was Nana. Her Dirty Grandma group was always good for a laugh and made this a thoroughly entertaining book.

In fact, now that I’ve read a few of Melissa’s Silver Island books, I notice that the Dirty Grandmas remind me a lot of the Bra Brigaders.

SWEET, SEXY HEART – the Epilepsy Rep

To be frankly honest, this is the first book that I read with a main character who had epilepsy. Not only was it an entirely different point of view for me, but I loved how Dash went out of his way to learn about Amber’s medical condition and do everything he could to help her.

Even though Amber has epilepsy, she’s still able to be a fairly independent adult. I learned about epilepsy, though Dash, and it gave Amber a depth that she may not have otherwise had. She certainly wasn’t your classic damsel in distress.

Amber is no Damsel in Distress

On the line of damsels, Amber is a character who embraces her femininity without having to be a weak damsel. She’s a business owner and a very strong individual. SWEET, SEXY HEART shows women that it’s possible to be strong and feminine at the same time.


Sweet, Sexy Heart by Melissa Foster

Sweet, Sexy Heart by Melissa Foster
Series: The Bradens & Montgomerys, Pleasant Hill – Oak Falls #8
Also in the Series: Embracing Her Heart, Anything for Love, Trails of Love, Wild Crazy Hearts, Making You Mine, Searching for Love, Hot for Love, Then Came Love, Rocked by Love, Falling for Mr. Bad, Claiming Her Heart
Publisher: World Literary Press
Pub Date: August 4, 2021
Special Edition Pub: March 8, 2022
Format: Special Edition Paperback
Source: Purchased
Genre: Romance
Tropes: sports romance, small town, opposites attract, epilepsy
Pages: 362
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I would highly recommend SWEET, SEXY HEART by Melissa Foster for those who want an introduction to the Love in Bloom series with a little less steam (but it’s still there!). As always, Foster does not disappoint!

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Sweet, Sexy Heart by Melissa Foster book review
book review Sweet, Sexy Heart by Melissa Foster

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  2. This looks like a fun read! I haven’t read a romance in a while, and this sounds like an entertaining book. I could definitely go with some lighter, happy content like this.

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