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120+ Ultimate Spring Blog Post Ideas That’ll Excite Your Readers

Spring is easily my favorite time of year (mostly because it’s as far away from winter as we can get 😂). I love creating seasonal bookish and lifestyle content for TBL, and today I’m going to help you do the same thing! I’ve put together a list of over 100 spring blog post ideas that you can use for almost any niche. And the best part? I’ve added my secret weapon for coming up with seasonal content with ease (keep reading for that goodie). So let’s get to it!

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Spring blog Post Ideas for any niche
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How to easily create seasonal content using the Days of the Year (my secret weapon)

Ever since I stumbled on the Days of the Year website, I have become hooked. We all celebrate the normal holidays – Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, etc. – but there are a TON of National and International “holidays” that we can have fun with, too! And not just days … there are entire weeks to celebrate – National Nurse’s Week and Banned Books Week to name a few.

If you’re running dry on inspiration, there are at least a few days you can work into your content calendar, just by sifting through the Days of the Year website.

I didn’t know April 18th was National Velociraptor Awareness Day (though I’m sure my 10-year-old did 😂). Guess I better find some dino crafts to do!

spring blog post ideas for book bloggers

Spring blog post ideas for Book bloggers

  1. Picture books about Easter – May 6-12 is Children’s Book Week!
  2. Take a trip to your local library and do a vlog about it – April 7th-13th is National Library Week!
  3. Picture books about spring – April 2nd is Children’s Picture Book Day
  4. Share your favorite pastel book covers
  5. What’s on your spring TBR this year?
  6. Anticipated books this spring – new releases and/or upcoming
  7. How to build a Little Free Library this spring
  8. Talk about your favorite spring book festivals or fairs
  9. Create a spring-themed reading challenge
  10. 5 books to read with your book club this spring
  11. Indie author spotlight – there’s really no bad time to highlight Indie authors
  12. Tips for decorating your bookshelves for spring
  13. Host a spring giveaway
  14. Mother’s Day gifts for book lovers (that aren’t books)
  15. Do a walking tour of your favorite bookstore
  16. Share some of your favorite female authors – March 8th is International Women’s Day
  17. Review or highlight your favorite sci-fi books – March 26th is Live Long and Prosper Day
  18. April 23rd is World Book Day – share your list of 10 must-read before you die books, or authors you think everyone should read
  19. May 4th is Star Wars Day – which books are your favorite? Which books are still on your TBR pile? Host a 24-hour readathon and connect with other Star Wars book fans out there!
  20. Create and share spring-themed bookmarks
spring themed printable bookmarks

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Spring blog post ideas for Food bloggers

  1. Spring brunch ideas
  2. Share your favorite spring cocktails (or mocktails)
  3. 10 ways to use your favorite fruit
  4. 5 Picnic-Friendly recipes
  5. Easy Easter recipes
  6. Share your favorite Acai bowl recipe (or a round-up of Insta-worthy ones) – April 6th is National Acai Bowl Day
  7. Share your favorite banana recipes (or create a new one!) – April 17th is National Banana Day
  8. Simple recipes for spring entertaining
  9. Spring grilling ideas (time to uncover that grill and get outside!)
  10. How to cook with herbs – you can also share how to grow your own herbs in a small windowsill garden (that’s my plan this spring!)
  11. Fun spring foods your kids can help make
  12. How to meal plan using seasonal ingredients
  13. Create a new twist on a grilled cheese sandwich – April 12th is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
  14. Do a round-up of the best Easter cookie recipes
  15. Tips for hosting the best Spring backyard BBQ
  16. Irish recipes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
  17. Round-up your favorite recipes that use Oreo cookies – March 6th is National Oreo Cookie Day!
  18. Meatball recipes! You can make them vegetarian, gluten-free, turkey, chicken (the list goes on and on!) – March 9th is National Meatball Day
  19. Girl Scout Cookie copycats – March 12th is National Girl Scout Day (and we all know the cookies are getting expensive!)
  20. Unique cheesesteak recipes – March 24th is National Cheesesteak Day
  21. Did you know April is National Food Month? Use this to highlight your favorite foods, restaurants, food festivals, and so much more! You can even do an affiliate post by showcasing your essential must-haves in the kitchen.
  22. Do a round-up of yummy shrimp recipes – May 10th is National Shrimp Day – bonus points if you can find some that are light and spring-y!
  23. Share a unique recipe that uses hummus (more than just a side or a dip!) – May 13th is International Hummus Day

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Spring blog post ideas for Travel bloggers

  1. 5 Gorgeous destinations to visit in the spring
  2. Budget-friendly spring break vacation ideas for families
  3. Share your ultimate spring travel bucket list
  4. Spring hiking ideas
  5. Spring camping must-haves
  6. How to start bird-watching this spring
  7. The best underrated beaches to visit this spring
  8. Spring road trip ideas (with or without your kids)
  9. Share the best National Parks to visit this spring
  10. March 1st is National Minnesota Day – share your favorite MN destinations
  11. Take a tour through your town like a tourist – May 5-11 is National Tourism Week – showcase the best restaurants, activities, and lodging!
spring blog post ideas for fashion bloggers

Spring blog post ideas for Fashion & Beauty bloggers

  1. 5 skin care must-haves this spring
  2. Talk about the hottest make-up trends this spring
  3. 5 spring-inspired nail design ideas – May 5th is Nail Day
  4. 6 easy tips for transitioning from a winter to spring wardrobe
  5. 4 spring dresses to add to your closet
  6. Share your favorite shoes for spring
  7. Celebrity-inspired fashion ideas for spring
  8. 6 best spring accessories for any outfit
  9. Easy hairstyles for spring
  10. Spring-inspired date night outfits
  11. Trendy hats for spring – March 28th is Wear a Hat Day

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Spring holiday blog post ideas

  1. Do a round-up of 5 St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids
  2. DIY St. Patrick’s Day decorating ideas (bonus if they’re on a budget!)
  3. How to prank your coworkers on April Fools’ Day
  4. Fun April Fools’ Day pranks for your spouse
  5. Memorial Day party ideas
  6. Gift ideas for Mother’s Day
  7. How to host a spring birthday party for kids
  8. Easter egg decorating ideas (and tips!)
  9. How to host a fun Easter egg hunt for all ages
  10. DIY Easter baskets for kids
  11. Tips for newbie Easter egg decorators
  12. Non-candy Easter gifts for kids
  13. 5 ways to celebrate Earth Day
  14. Earth Day crafts for kids
  15. Spring birthday gift ideas
  16. How to host a fantastic Cinco de Mayo party – share recipes, games, and even outfit ideas!
120+ Spring Blog Post Ideas Featured Image

Spring blog post ideas for blogs about blogging

  1. Create an share a printable blog calendar for Get Organized Day on April 26th
  2. Share a list of spring-inspired blog post ideas (like this one!)
  3. Create a resource library and share your own spring printables (like bookmarks, coloring pages, organization helpers)
  4. Review your favorite blogging course or software – May 3rd is Write a Review Day

Spring blog post ideas for parenting bloggers

  1. Spring boredom busters for kids
  2. Tips for getting your kids involved with spring cleaning
  3. Spring crafts for kids
  4. How to plant a garden with your kids
  5. Do a Dr. Seuss-inspired craft! March 2nd is Dr. Seuss Day
  6. Round-up your favorite crafts for kids – March 14th is National Children’s Craft Day
  7. Make and share printables for Kindergarteners – April 21st is National Kindergarten Day. You can also use this to share your favorite crafts for Kindergarteners.
  8. April 22-26th is Every Kid Healthy Week – share a list of tips on how to foster healthy choices in your kids … from exercising to eating well to mental health. There are so many possibilities with this post!
  9. Write an opinion post on the benefits of raising kids and pets together – April 26th is National Kids and Pets Day
  10. Share the top 5 best tips you got as a new mom or dad – May 2nd is Baby Day!
  11. Write an opinion post on how to know when your child is old enough to have a sleepover (plus fun spring-themed sleepover ideas!) – May 9th is National Sleepover Day

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Spring blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

I love lifestyle blogging because it really lets you talk about almost anything. From spring cleaning and organizing to getting a new puppy!

  1. Spring cleaning tips – deep cleaning, washing curtains, etc
  2. Tips for decluttering this spring
  3. 5 Easy DIY home improvement ideas – April 6th is National DIY Day
  4. Share your favorite natural cleaning products
  5. How to start exercising this spring (plus, share tips and a PDF schedule)
  6. 10 reasons why you love spring
  7. Share a list of your 10 favorite quotes about spring (you can make printable phone lock screens or bookmarks as freebies, too!)
  8. Spring-inspired self-care ideas
  9. 10 spring date night ideas
  10. Do a walk-through of a spring festival or some of your favorite downtown shops
  11. How to plan a spring wedding – March 1st is National Wedding Planning Day
  12. Tips for introducing a new puppy to your home – March 23rd is National Puppy Day
  13. Share your favorite Tim Curry movies – did you know he was born on April 19th?
  14. May 4th is Star Wars Day! Write an opinion post about whether you did or didn’t like the movies with Anakin in them. Host a Star Wars watch party and share tips on how to make yours unique.
spring blog post ideas for gardening bloggers

Spring blog post ideas for Gardening blogs

  1. How to start a garden in 5 easy steps
  2. Share a post for National Gardening Day – April 14th
  3. Which plants should you start when?
  4. How to create a garden in a small space
  5. Share 5 veggies you can grow in buckets
  6. Tips for starting plants from seeds
  7. What are some of your favorite gardening must-haves?
  8. Gardening hacks! (these are perfect for newbies like me)
  9. How to prep your garden after the winter
  10. Easy DIY garden upgrades for spring
  11. May 8th is Iris Day – share tips and tricks for growing this gorgeous flower
  12. 5 must-see public gardens in your state – May 10th is National Public Gardens Day

And a few final thoughts …

So if you’re looking for spring-themed seasonal content ideas, I hope you were able to snag a couple of my ideas. And if you’re ever in need of fun (and sometimes random) National Days to work into your content calendar, Days of the Year is my favorite place to find those unusual gems!

Happy blogging, xo!

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  1. I have spent all day looking for blog post ideas because I feel stuck right now. This is my favorite post because they are so original!

    1. Hi Alexa,

      I’m so glad that this spring blog post idea list was helpful for you! If you need blog post ideas and like to center around holidays, I definitely recommend Days of the Year!! It’s so much fun to see what unique “holidays” there are 🙂 Happy blogging!

  2. I am always looking for interesting topics to write about! It’s nice to be able to refer to this blog for writing! I also love spring and not a fan of winter!!

  3. I love your tip about using the Days of the Year website to uncover unique “holiday” hooks to base content around. I had no idea there were celebrations like National Velociraptor Awareness Day and Live Long and Prosper Day!

  4. This is such a great post with so many great Spring ideas. I’m going to try a few of these out for my own blog. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. I’m genuinely impressed by the variety of spring blog post ideas you’ve compiled here! The blend of bookish and lifestyle content suggestions is perfect for bloggers like me who enjoy covering a broad spectrum of topics.

  6. These are all fun and creative! I do love spring as winters are so long here — I’m just ready to burst outdoors when the weather gets nice! I like things focused on spring cleaning and summer prep.

  7. love this spring-themed ideas list! and those bookmarks are awesome. I also use the ‘days of the year’ for inspiration so very often in my blog. 🙂

  8. The spring blog themed post prompts are refreshing and inspiring, offering a variety of engaging topics to explore. They are a great way to spark creativity and encourage writers to embrace the vibrant spirit of the season.

  9. Thank you for all these ideas. Such a great list. I didn’t know April is National Food Month. I consider myself a foodie and yet I didn’t know. LOL.

  10. This is really helpful. I maintain a book blog and honestly, I am running out of ideas. Love the idea of doing an indie author spotlight. Will definitely do that.

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