5 star graphic review rating system

I adored this book. You will see it on all my favorite book lists and recommendations. The characters were relatable, the pacing was amazing. I will likely be gushing about this book for years to come and annoyingly recommending it to all my friends. I probably own more than one copy of this book and will be tracking down more books by the author in the very near future. This book will live rent-free in my head forever.


4 star graphic review rating system

I enjoyed this book. I may not have connected with part of the story but overall, it was very enjoyable. I will be recommending this book to my friends and followers. It’s likely I own a copy of this book for my own shelves and would search out other books by the author. This book will live in my head but probably have to pay rent.


3 star graphic review rating system

This book was good, not great. I enjoyed it but something missed the mark. Maybe the characters were too flat, the world-building incomplete, or possibly it was edited poorly. I would probably recommend it – with a disclaimer – because I enjoyed the overall story-line. I may or may not look for other books by the author to read.


2 star graphic review rating system

This book definitely missed the mark. It’s not one I would read again and I would only recommend it if it matches a friend’s reading style or preferences. This book is not one I would purchase for myself. I either have very neutral feelings about this book or I just plain didn’t enjoy it.


1 star graphic review rating system DNF

I either struggled to finish this book or I did not finish it at all. I would not recommend this to my friends, followers, or worst enemies. Whether because of the plot, editing, or characters, I thoroughly did not enjoy this book. It’s possible I hated it. Unfortunately, I would pass up any future books by this author.