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Thank you for your interest in the Booknerd Lifestyle!

The specifics

My Review Policy

The Reviewer

All books on The Booknerd Lifestyle blog are reviewed by me – Megan – unless otherwise specified. I only review books I have an interest in and these are not limited to books I receive from authors & publishers.

My Disclaimer

If I receive a book for free in exchange for my review, this will be mentioned in the review.

A free book will in NO WAY affect my opinion and all views expressed will be 100% my own.

Negative Reviews

I am an honest reviewer. All reviews are 100% my own opinions.

I do not guarantee that I will love every book. If I do not enjoy the book, I will keep my review as kind as possible.

Hi, I’m Megan!

freelance writer | etsy shop owner | mom

I’m a romance and sci-fi reader, Canva nerd, and freelance B2B writer for the Food Service Industry. If I’m not working on my blog or reading a smutty romance, you’ll probably find me snapping selfies with my little minions.

I love my desserts sugar-free and my romance hot and spicy!

The Nitty Gritty

What I Accept + What You Can Expect

Accepted Genres

**Please do not submit a review request if your book is outside the list of accepted genres. It will be deleted without consideration.

Romance, Early Readers / Middle Grade, Dystopian, Fairytale Retellings, Science Fiction, Picture Books

Do I accept Indie?

Where I Review

If I accept your book, I will post my review in the following places:

The Booknerd Lifestyle Blog (you are here)
Instagram – 3K+ followers
Goodreads + StoryGraph