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8 Fantastic Ways Out of a Reading Slump!

We’ve all been there … each book you pick up results in zero interest and a general feeling of blah! That’s a reading slump and they are the worst thing for any book lover. So today, I’m going to be sharing 8 easy ways to break that slump and reignite your love of reading. Of course, no post would be complete without a few recommendations so don’t miss those at the end! Let’s get to it!

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What is a reading slump?

A reading slump is a period of time where you lose interest in reading. Nothing appeals to you and every book you pick up ends in a DNF (at least temporarily). A reading slump is one of the most frustrating things for booklovers.

The easiest way to tell if you’re in a reading slump is to look at your current reading. Are you having trouble focusing on words or the book you’ve picked up? Have you DNF’d books that you’d usually enjoy? Maybe you’ve lost all interest in reading and spend your time on the sofa playing games on your phone (or is that just me?).

Yep, you’re in a slump.

Frustrating reading slump. How to get out of a reading slump

Here are 8 ways to get out of a reading slump!

There are more than a few ways to get out of a reading slump, though if you’re anything like me, you forget most of them when you’re in the middle of a frustrating slump. So be sure to bookmark this page (or jot these ideas down in your reading journal) for the next time you’re just not feeling any book you pick up.

Tip #1: Read a book from your favorite author

This is one of the easiest ways for me to end a frustrating reading slump. I can always count on a book from Melissa Foster to renew my love of reading, even if everything else is coming up blah.

The book that yanked me out of my most recent reading slump was none other than FALLING FOR MR. BAD by Melissa Foster. I should have known that it would be the newest book from my favorite author to pull me out of a slump … go figure!

Tip #2: Re-read a favorite book

I’m not much for re-reads (because my TBR pile is always super long and it can get a bit overwhelming). But if you’re stuck in a reading slump, an easy way to pull yourself out is to do a re-read of one of your favorite books – in my case, that would be PART OF YOUR WORLD by Abby Jimenez. I loved everything about this book, especially the fact that it’s set in Minnesota!

how to break a reading slump

Tip #3: Listen to an audiobook

One of my favorite ways to get out of a reading slump is by changing up the format – in this case, listening to an audiobook. I love listening to books that are narrated by their authors because it gives an extra layer to the book.

A few of my favorite narrators are: Andi Arndt (especially her narration of HIS WICKED WAYS by Melissa Foster), Patti Murin (the narrator of THE SOULMATE EQUATION by Christina Lauren), and Paul Woodson (who has narrated Melissa Foster’s books, including TRU BLUE).

Tip #4: Join a book club

A great way to break a reading slump is to read with a few (or a bunch!) of other people. I recommend picking a club that reads similar books to your tastes. Or, if you’re in the mood to test different genres, a book club that reads anything might be the way to go.

Unperfectly Golden Book Club Invite

Here’s where I add a shameless plug to my own book club – the Unperfectly Golden Book Club. My bookish bestie and I run this book club mostly on Instagram, though we’re setting up video chats via Discord, too.

Our book club reads mostly romance at this point, though we’re looking forward to testing other genres in the future! (If you’re interested in checking out our book club, click the button above … the handy one that says “Visit the Group”).

Tip #5: Read a novella

I’m not a huge fan of novellas – I’m always left wanting more because they’re super short. But if you’re in the middle of a slump and books you’d normally read aren’t appealing, try picking up something short and sweet! This is also a fantastic way to test out a new author without really committing.

Need a few novella book recs?

Reading Prompt Recs: Books That Are Under 150 Pages

Tip #6: Test out a new genre

I know one of my first recommendations was to read a favorite author or re-read one of your favorite books, but sometimes you need a change to break out of a reading slump.

Take me for example – I read a LOT of romance. It’s my go-to genre. But I read the first book in the Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells (a sci-fi book about a self-aware security robot that hacks its own system and calls itself ‘Murderbot’) on a whim. Turns out, I really like sci-fi and I was hooked on the series after that! I’m looking forward to reading the second book in the series very soon (or listening to it on Spotify, more like).

Tip #7: Walk away from your book

I know this probably seems counterproductive but if you’re trying to read a book and just not feeling it, pushing yourself to continue could make things worse.

Take a walk, listen to music, put together a set of Lego flowers, or doodle in your bullet journal. Whatever you do, make sure it’s NOT reading. This will give your mind time to reset and reignite your interest in reading.

If you’re not sure what to do, I love these activity dice! You can find romantic, food, or weekend activity ones. They are so much fun!

Tip #8: Organize your bookshelves

This is a bit like tip #7, but I find that going through my bookshelves and organizing them (by color, author, or any other way I like) really sparks my desire to read. I recently redid my bookshelves so they’re rainbow and found three or four books I forgot I had, but really wanted to read!

Mini Tip #8A – make a TBR

On the note of organizing your bookshelves, if you’re like me and you LOVE making TBR lists, go for it! I love pulling physical books off my shelves and making a TBR for the next month, or scrolling through my Kindle app and remembering all the books I still want to read.

**Note: I don’t stick to TBRs because I am a serious mood reader and find them too confining. However, they’re very motivational if I need an extra little kick in the pants to get reading!

And some book recs to end that slump!

No reading slump post is complete without a few recommendations and romance is my jam so I’m sharing 5 of my favorite romance novels to help you out of your slump! These range from witchy, to sweet or spicy. They’re sure to reignite your desire for romance.

**Note: Clicking each cover will take you to the Amazon page for each book. These are my affiliate links and I may receive a small percentage if you purchase.

FALLING FOR MR. BAD by Melissa Foster
PART OF YOUR WORLD by Abby Jimenez
SWEET, SEXY HEART by Melissa Foster
THE KISS CURSE by Erin Sterling

And a few final thoughts …

I hope these tips have been helpful in pulling you out of that frustrating reading slump! What’s your favorite go-to way to get out of a slump? Do you re-read a favorite book, try something new, or just walk away? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy reading, xo!

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Romance books to end a reading slump

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  1. re-reading a favorite always helps as do reading short stories!! and love the idea of organizing bookshelves (gets that done while helping us discover hidden gems in our home that we can now read)

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