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11 Gorgeous Reading Journal Ideas for Booklovers

Reading journals are a great way to express your creativity and share your love of books. But you don’t have to be artsy to create gorgeous reading trackers in your bullet journal. Today, I’m sharing 11 gorgeous reading journal ideas for the artsy (and art-challenged, like me). Use these spreads to inspire your own and help track your reading adventures.

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What are the benefits of a reading journal?

If you’re anything like me, you get to the end of a month (or year) and see all these gorgeous reading wrap-ups. But then you have to sift through Goodreads or every review you’ve written to see which books you read during the month, what format they were, how many stars, etc.

A reading journal is an easy way to keep all your bookish stats (and even reviews, if you choose to) in one place. Monthly and yearly wrap-ups become a piece of cake.

I also love using my reading journal as a way to motivate me to read more (or at least consistently). For me, reading journals are the perfect cross between monthly planners and journals. I love them (and they’ve inspired me to create a few printables – with many more ideas coming).

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Reading Journal Ideas for Booklovers
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Just a few bookish spreads to inspire your reading journal

Here are a few bookish spreads from some of my favorite bullet journal accounts on Instagram. Some are hand-drawn and some use stencils. Depending on what type of reading journal you’d like to create, I’m sure you’ll find something to inspire you!

(each photo is used with the original creator’s permission. These images are not mine and I claim no ownership of them)

@boho.berry’s NaNoWriMo Ideas

This isn’t exactly a reading journal spread but, as someone who has attempted NaNoWriMo in the past (and likely will in the future), I love the idea of using a bullet journal to plan my way through writing a novel. I’m all about the trackers so seeing my word count add up would be extremely motivating! When November rolls around again, I’ll be using this one.

Any aspiring authors out there? How do you track your NaNoWriMo progress?

@cozygreylibrary’s book review spread

Of course, book reviews are a big part of reading journals. This spread for Lunar Love by Lauren Kung Jessen is absolutely gorgeous! I love how Shanna @cozygreylibrary has used a mix of washi tape, a printed out book cover, and beautiful colors in this spread. The difference in textures really makes this review stand out from others.

I know there are many book bloggers who don’t do book reviews very much because they are some of the least-read blog posts out there. I still love to do book reviews because it’s my chance to truly gush about books I love. And it helps out authors!

Want to see my thoughts on Lunar Love? (they don’t come with a gorgeous spread like this).

@bookstaandbujo’s library savings tracker

Do you spend more than you should on books? I know I do! It’s been almost a year since I’ve been to the library, just because I’ve wanted my own copies of books. Being able to visually see how much you can save by supporting your local library is such a great idea and I love the partial page idea that @bookstaandbujo showcases in her photo!

@erraticelle’s year in pixels

I love this idea! I’ve seen so many Year in Pixels spreads, but they’re always centered around emotions and how the person is feeling that day. While that’s a great idea, I love that this one is a daily reading tracker! So fun. And I like being able to see which day books were finished on … I’m just picky that way, I guess.

@plannedandplanted’s monthly reading tracker

As someone who is just dipping her toes into bullet and reading journaling, I love the idea of a single tracker opposite the month page. The way Emily laid this out is gorgeous and ties in with her aesthetic perfectly.

Do you like bookish lifestyle blogs? Emily’s blog – Planned & Planted – is the perfect blend of bookish goodies, journaling, and lifestyle.

@mikaelaandherbooks’s physical TBR

A physical TBR tracker … this is exactly what I need!

My physical TBR has grown to TWO FULL BOOKSHELVES and I really need to get it under control this year. I love that this TBR isn’t just books to read; it’s books that you already OWN and need to/want to read.

One of my favorite planning/tracking things to do is checking things off a list (I almost enjoy it more than reading the books … almost). With a reading journal idea like this one, I think I’ll be able to make at least a small dent in my physical TBR pile.

Do you track books by format? A separate TBR for physical/ebook/audio?

@bayleenicolereads’s festive Grinch reading tracker

I am all about the festive BuJo spreads that pop up around the holidays. The Grinch happens to be one of the minions’ favorite holiday movies and I love how artfully this was recreated (far beyond my artistic abilities, lol).

This reading journal idea is sure to put you in the holiday spirit (and maybe even inspire some festive reads)!

@allisons_cozy_corner’s honeycomb reading tracker

I love the idea of tracking physical AND audio reads, as many of my books tend to be audio lately (what can I say? It’s just so easy to listen in the car!). I’ve always enjoyed the honeycomb BuJo spreads and even purchased a stencil for myself this year. Keeping the monthly TBR on the page directly opposite the tracker is a great idea for someone like me (out of sight, out of mind). I think it would help the moody reader in me at least attempt to stick to a TBR.

@journalingbooksbybeth’s review of The Spanish Love Deception

I love the journal-ish feel of @journalingbooksbybeth’s book review of THE SPANISH LOVE DECEPTION. For me, book reviews should be more than just facts about the book, written on a page. I love how she pulls colors from the book, adds artistic flair with the hand lettering, and then actually journals her review alongside it. This is a gorgeous and textural way to track what you’re reading and remember what you enjoyed about a book. I also love the addition of the quotes!

@kimhasplans’s January Stats spread

There are so many things I love about @kimhasplans’s January Stats spread! As someone who isn’t very artsy, I adore the idea of using stamps to create gorgeous spreads. I love the simplicity of it, and tracking audio as well as physically read. It’s such a clean and gorgeous spread!

As reading journaling grows in popularity, there are more and more bookish BuJo stamps that you can purchase (if you’re like me and not so artsy).

@planwithilysse’s Book Lover’s Day spread

The thing I love most about @planwithilysse’s reading spread is how she uses the Happy Planner Plans + Notes (which, despite my slight obsession with Happy Planners, I didn’t even know was a thing!). I don’t have enough things going on each day to warrant an entire spread for the week. Most of them stay empty. So I love the idea of combining a regular monthly planner with a notebook. This beautiful reading journal idea does exactly that!

I am also seriously in love with all the printables she offers in her Etsy store – all compatible with Happy Planners for those who are just as addicted as I am!

And a few final thoughts …

I used to think bullet journals and reading journals were only for people who had serious artistic talent. But thanks to stencils, stamps, and artsy people who like to spend their time creating printables, it’s something any booklover can do. I hope these reading journal ideas have inspired you to create your own!

Psssst … keep your eyes open for my own reading journal printables (and a sneak peek inside my Happy Planner reading journal). Happy journaling, xo!

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  1. I am another one of those book bloggers like you who loves to do book reviews because i want to gush about the books i love so you have company! But I would love to try to do something more creative like Shanna @cozygreylibrary or the ones by Beth in your post..

  2. This sounds like great inspiration for my friend. She gets through so many books and I’m sure she’d love to see these great reading tracker suggestions. I barely read myself, with three kids and a full time job that spans after hours too I barely get a moment to.

  3. This is such a great idea. My daughter is a booklover for real and have so many books, I’m going to share this with her because I think she would benefit from this since she loves to read.

  4. I’ve never thought about having a reading journal. I do love to read and I actually read a lot of books last year after not reading one in a while. This is a great idea!

  5. My sister would absolutely love this post and I am bookmarking it to share with her! Such great journaling ideas!

  6. I’ve been maintaining a reading journal for a while now, but I admit it’s been more functional than creative. Your ideas have opened my eyes to the possibilities of beautifying this space and making it a true reflection of my reading experiences.

  7. It has been a long time since I had a reading journal, but your post really inspired me to create one for myself. I read a lot of books, and I continue to write reviews on them. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Laura,

      I have only recently started a reading journal (using my Happy Planner Plans + Notes) and I am loving it!! Right now, I’m making printables and haven’t tried anything too artsy but I’m hoping (as I get more comfortable with it), I will be attempting some.

      Happy reading, xo!

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