My 2024 Reading Challenges

Reading Challenges I’m Joining in 2024


Hey bookish friends, it’s my birthday so you’re getting a bonus blog post this week. And it’s one of my favorite things to talk about – reading challenges! If you missed my 24 Reading Challenges for 2024 post, make sure to go check that out because there are some really fun challenges on it! But today’s post is all about the challenges that I’m participating in this coming year. 2024 is going to be an amazing reading year so let’s dive in!

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Why participate in a reading challenge?

Because they’re fun! The best part about the challenges is always the community – you get to connect with others who are on the same reading journey as you for 12 months. You meet new bookish friends and some of those connections never go away. This is a pretty amazing community.

With more and more bloggers learning how to create gorgeous printables with Canva, a lot of reading challenges now come with Bingo boards, bookshelf trackers, and so much more. On top of that, there are read-a-thons (we’re hosting a couple this summer!), prompts to help guide you on choosing books, and some challenges even have giveaways!

What are a few popular reading challenges?

There are so many reading challenges out there – if you check websites like The Candid Cover and Chapter Adventure, you’ll find massive round-ups of all (or many) of them! My list of 24 challenges doesn’t even scratch the surface.

The 52 Book Club hosts a reading challenge every year, complete with 52 prompts to guide you to read … you guessed it … 52 books!

Of course, everyone’s heard of POPSUGAR but did you know they have a reading challenge? Probably, right? I love the graphics for this year’s challenge (the 10th annual!) because it looks like something straight out of a dictionary. Brilliant!

For romance lovers, She Reads Romance is hosting a challenge that lets you pick from any of the romance tropes – this one sounds great to me!

And who could forget the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. This challenge is based off the Rory Gilmore Reading List – something I can’t wait to tackle in the upcoming years!!

Reading Challenges I'm joining in 2024
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So what reading challenges am I joining in 2024?

I’m keeping my challenge list small because I don’t like using one book to cover multiple challenges (not that it’s a bad thing if that’s what you like!). I also tend to get overwhelmed and quit if I have too many challenges on my plate.

The ones I’m most excited for are …

2024 Booknerd Backlist Reading Challenge button

The 2024 Booknerd Backlist Reading Challenge

You knew that was coming, right? Of course, I HAVE to participate in my own reading challenge! For those who haven’t seen it yet, the Booknerd Backlist Challenge is all about reading books that you already own. No new purchases, no library books. Just the ones you already own. I’ve got a TBR already set for this (though we both know I’ll probably throw that out the window on day 1 … oh well!).

If you’re joining me for the 2024 challenge, feel free to snag the button above (just “right click + save image as” if you’re on desktop) and share it on your social media or blog – make sure to tag me or link back to so I see it!

Caffeinated Reviewer Audiobook Challenge 2024

The 2024 Audiobook Challenge

I am a serious audiobook nerd and it’s been awhile since I’ve participated in this reading challenge. Because I’m just getting back to reading after a serious slump when I broke my elbow last winter, I aiming for the Weekend Warrior (5-10 audiobooks) level. And I can’t wait for the mini challenge in June (because, did you know that June is Audiobook Month?!!).

In 2023, I was accepted into the ALC (advance listener copy) program and I already have a few in my backlog. I’ll be focusing mostly on catching up with those reviews for the Audiobook Challenge.

If you are interested in the Audiobook Challenge, click the button above or the link to check it out!

The 2024 Romance Book Reading Challenge

This reading challenge, hosted by She Reads Romance, is a given for me. And, as it’s only challenging participants to read one book a month, I can easily fit it in with my other two challenges. I’ve even got a Katee Robert book that I think is going to fit perfectly for January’s Dark Romance prompt.

Reading Challenges I'm joining in 2024
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And a few final thoughts …

I’m only participating in three reading challenges – including my own Booknerd Backlist challenge – so I’m pretty optimistic about my chances of (at least partially) completing them in 2024!

Are you participating in any reading challenges or read-a-thons this year? Let me know which ones in the comments below and happy reading, xo!

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Looking for bookish besties to share your reading challenges with?

Our Badass Book Bloggers group on Facebook is the perfect place to connect with other bloggers and book lovers! We’ll also be hosting a special chat in the group for those participating in the 2024 Booknerd Backlist Reading Challenge!

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