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Book Review: My Killer Vacation by Tessa Bailey

Let talk about MY KILLER VACATION by Tessa Bailey! This was a spicy buddy read and I was so excited to read it after previously loving Tessa Bailey’s book HOOK, LINE AND SINKER. I adore her writing style and could not wait to dive into this mystery/romance novel. Did I enjoy everything I got? Let’s take a look!

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My Killer Vacation book cover

I know you shouldn’t focus on the cover of a book but the only downside to my Kindle Paperwhite is the black-and-white covers. Like so many rom-coms floating around Bookstagram, MY KILLER VACATION has a gorgeous animated cover! I may be partial because teal is one of my favorite colors but everything about this cover appeals to me. It doesn’t, however, suggest that there’s much of a murder mystery going on. It’s got plenty of romance vibes but very little mystery.

“Going to bed with you would be a disaster. You have the emotional availability of a banana.”


Is it Mystery or Romance?

My Killer Vacation by Tessa Bailey

While I really enjoyed the spicy romance scenes (it IS my jam, after all), I really expected more of a murder mystery walking into this book. Yes, we start with a dead body and get an investigation … sort-of … and eventually find a killer. But to me, those were very tiny parts of the book. Most of it, was this Insta-attraction that consumed both Myles and Taylor.

I don’t mind Insta-love. If it’s done right, it can make for some of the sweetest love stories. The only part that bothered me here (and why it knocked off half a star … the other half was lost in the lack of mystery) was that Myles spent most of the book being super horny and attracted to Taylor, but then turned right around and told her it’s not happening, babe.

MY KILLER VACATION utilized one of my favorite romance tropes – Grumpy/Sunshine. Taylor is the very definition of sunny and bubbly. And Myles? Brooding and grumpy. And while I love this trope, hearing him constantly say it wasn’t going to happen between them and then flipping a switch and steaming the place up just wasn’t doing it for me.

As for the mystery part? There was a murder. And a killer. And I am really bad at mysteries so I didn’t guess ahead of time. Then again, I think I was still cooling down from all the steam going on. Could it have used more of a mystery plot? Absolutely. Was it enough to throw newbie mystery readers (like me!) off the trail? Again, yes.


MY KILLER VACATION by Tessa Bailey is a cross between a murder mystery and a spicy romance. Taylor, an elementary school teacher, goes on vacation to Cape Cod with her brother. They’ve no sooner arrived at their destination than Taylor finds a dead body in their rental house. Instead of going home, Taylor decides that she wants to be brave and spontaneous, so she tries to help with the investigation. Her snooping introduces her to Myles, the bounty hunter who’s trying to solve the murder as a favor to a friend. Insta-sparks fly and things get dangerous as Taylor and Myles grudgingly work together to find out who’s responsible for the murder.

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Would I read another Tessa Bailey book? Absolutely! Would I recommend this one? It depends on what you’re looking for. Fans of Insta-love, this is your jam! Murder mystery fans? Not so much.

My Killer Vacation book cover
My Killer Vacation featured image

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