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Book Review: Jingle Wars by Maren Moore and Veronica Eden


It’s almost January and I’m squeezing in one more holiday romance! Let’s talk about JINGLE WARS by Maren Moore and Veronica Eden! This book gives all the cozy holiday vibes with the spark of an undeniable enemies-to-lovers trope. If you haven’t read a book by either of these amazing authors, be sure to pick up JINGLE WARS before the sequel comes out in January 2023!

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Adorable premise, fun execution!

Jingle Wars book review holiday rom-com
Have you read JINGLE WARS yet?

The premise of JINGLE WARS was beyond cute! We have Freya, who comes from California to Hollyridge to run a five-star hotel for her father. She’s obsessed with Christmas movies and has holiday spirit to spare.

Then there’s Finn. Finn easily fits the profile of a broody hero. He’s less thrilled about all things Christmas and is overly stressed with trying to save his grandparents’ inn … ironically enough, right next door to Freya’s hotel.

When both enter in a holiday competition with a hefty prize attached, the Jingle Wars begin. And sparks fly. And they fly. Oh my, do they fly.

Snowed In Romance

One of my favorite tropes is where the characters are snowed in and attractions become inescapable. In JINGLE WARS, Freya is heading to look at a cabin for sale just as a blizzard hits and of course, Finn is her knight-in-shining-pickup. They hole up in the cabin and things get steamy as they wait out the snow.

These moments are always my favorite because the characters are isolated and able to fully explore their feelings without the world watching. It ups the cozy factor.

Instant JINGLE WARS Attraction

Even though Finn tries to hate Freya because of who she is, there’s an immediate attraction. I loved how this isn’t one of those books where the characters hate each other and then oops! All of the sudden, they’re in love. The attraction in JINGLE WARS is there from the start. It’s only a matter of time before they give into it.

Jingle Wars Maren Moore Veronica Eden book flatlay

Different Family Dynamics

I despised Freya’s dad. There, it’s out there.

Early on in JINGLE WARS, the reader is introduced to Finn’s grandparents and I loved them immediately. They’re sweet, supportive, still in love with each other after decades together. They’re the perfect holiday grandparents.

And then you meet Freya’s dad. And he’s … not perfect. Bluntly put, he’s a horrible human being. Kudos to Maren Moore & Veronica Eden because it couldn’t have been easy to write such an awful character and make him believable. It definitely pulled on my heartstrings to think of Freya’s childhood, making it all the easier to hope she and Finn would find their happy ending.

A Summary of JINGLE WARS

JINGLE WARS is the story of Freya, a California hotel heiress, and Finn, a small-town broody man just trying to save his grandparents’ inn. Between internet-famous competitions and blizzards, sparks fly between the two, until the attraction is too much to resist. But will Freya and Finn be able to claim their love during a time of war?

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I would highly recommend JINGLE WARS by Maren Moore and Veronica Eden for anyone looking for a cozy, Hallmark-style rom-com.

Jingle Wars Maren Moore Veronica Eden book flatlay
Jingle Wars Maren Moore Veronica Eden book flatlay

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