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Book Review: Hot Mess Summer by Melissa Foster


Summer may be over in Minnesota, but HOT MESS SUMMER by Melissa Foster will live rent-free in my head for many weeks to come. This newest release by my favorite author is the perfect mix of hilarious banter, spicy sexy scenes, and a uniquely unfiltered friendship between two divorced single parents. Nic and Declan show that even those not looking for a relationship can sometimes find one. If you haven’t already picked up HOT MESS SUMMER, you’re going to want to by the end of this review!

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I loved the banter in HOT MESS SUMMER!

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HOT MESS SUMMER (like many of Melissa’s books) has the best snarky, fun-filled banter!

Declan and Nicole kept the banter insanely hilarious (and even spicy, from time to time). They had chemistry from the start and with that came an almost unfiltered tongue.

And when it came time to put that banter to use and brainstorm for Nicole’s novel? 🥵🥵

Cover Love

Melissa’s books have been known to have sexy heroes on the front covers, or sweet and sexy couples. I love the cover for HOT MESS SUMMER because it’s just as unique as the rest of the book. The paint splatter gives a summery contrast to the sunlit profiles of the main characters.

Not that we judge covers around here at all … 😉

I fell in love with Nic and Declan

I originally picked this book up because of Melissa’s description on Instagram that it was loosely based on her summer of 2021. Loosely based but not exact. And, even though this wasn’t an inside look at my favorite author, I fell in love with Declan and Nicole all on their own. Their romance is built out of an amazing friendship and, even though neither of them is looking for love, it’s obvious they’re meant for each other.

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Aspen lets out a little squeal. “This is so exciting. We can give you all sorts of sexy inspiration. We’ve done it in a train station, on a life-guard chair, on the roof of our old high school …”


The found community is amazing!

One of the things that continues to draw me to Melissa’s books is the sense of found family or community. These books have supportive families and friends, close-knit communities, and just GOOD people. Neighbors who will help in a pinch. Families that open their doors and bring you in as one of their own.

It’s one of the top reasons I keep reaching for Melissa’s books. I seriously want to be adopted by one of these families!

The friends that Nicole meets when she comes to Chatemup are amazing. Maggie and Aspen were probably my favorite, but I also loved Nicole’s friends who came WITH her. Dani and Rachel are thick-and-thin besties who want her to find happiness (and love) and really want Nicole to be her best self.

Hot Mess Summer Melissa Foster friends to lovers romance featured image
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A sneak peek into a writer’s lifestyle

I loved the inside look at Nicole’s life as an author. As a wannabe author, I could picture myself writing in a cozy little coffeeshop in a quaint beach town. HOT MESS SUMMER has given me some serious #writerslife goals!

“”Who needs a sex life, anyway?” I say semi-jokingly to my besties as we cruise toward the small New England fishing town of Chatemup, Massachusetts, where for some godforsaken reason, I thought it was a good idea to buy a cottage.”

first line, HOT MESS SUMMER

A Sexy First Line

Any book that starts with “Who needs a sex life, anyway?” is bound to be hilarious! This short and sweet first line perfectly summed up the entire book. Nicole and Declan aren’t looking for sex or a relationship … just a friend. But we all know that’s not always how things go. Kick-ass first line!

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Nicole, a stressed-out romance writer with a non-existent love life, packs a suitcase and moves to Chatemup, Massachusetts for a fresh start. She meets Declan, a fish peddler and self-proclaimed hot mess, who helps her brainstorm for her current novel and becomes her adventure buddy. Neither is looking for love, but they can’t deny their sizzling chemistry. Will they take a chance on each other or keep their relationship firmly in the friend zone?

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HOT MESS SUMMER by Melissa Foster is the perfect summery read for friends-to-lovers fans!

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