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Book Review: His Wicked Ways by Melissa Foster


Let’s talk about Melissa Foster’s newest book baby, HIS WICKED WAYS (out today!). If you read my review of her last Wicked book – all about Blaine’s younger sister, Madigan – you know I didn’t think too highly of him. Blaine is stubborn and takes charge (even when he shouldn’t) and puts his foot in his mouth on a regular basis … but HIS WICKED WAYS shows that he also has a heart of gold. Under that hard shell is a soft teddy bear. But don’t listen to me … I’ll let Blaine speak for himself.

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A strong and capable heroine

Reese Wilder (like many heroines in the Dark Knights universe) is strong and fully capable of taking care of herself and her teenage sister. That strength has her pushing back in the beginning when Blaine tries to help … and she’s got a lot on her plate. But what I appreciated most about Reese was that, even as she let Blaine in, she stayed strong. She always did what she thought was best for her sister, Colette, and she’s fully capable of taking care of the both of them.

I loved watching Blaine open up!

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Right away, we are introduced to Blaine the non-romantic, closed-off hardass biker. He helps Reese out of a bad spot she gets in, acknowledges an attraction, but knows she won’t be able to handle his idea of fun in the bedroom.

But, then he starts falling for her (stubbornly refusing to see it as that, of course). I swear these are my favorite romances … the ones where the hero or heroine denies the attraction until they can’t deny it anymore.

As he opens up to Reese, I also loved watching how he interacted with Colette (Reese’s younger sister). He treated her like his own little sibling right from the beginning, welcoming not only Reese into his family, but Colette as well. This is the Wicked way of life and I love it!

Even though Blaine says he’s not romantic, the little things he does for Reese scream the opposite. There is a mushy heart at the center of this badass biker.

Reese’s mom deserved worse than she got

I don’t normally get so passionate about characters but the little blip we see of Reese and Colette’s mom … yikes! She was awful and got off so easy, in my opinion. Let’s just leave it at that (but if you’ve read HIS WICKED WAYS and want to vent about their mom, my DMs are wide open).

“Like motorcycles, bikers don’t get old,” Preacher retorted with a smirk. “We level up to classic.”

Preacher (Blaine’s dad), HIS WICKED WAYS

I struggled with Colette’s attitude

If this book taught me anything, it’s that I’m not ready to parent a teenager. Oh my gosh, I struggled with Colette’s snarky (read: bitchy) teenage attitude. In the beginning, she’s a serious attitude-wielding teenager. BUUUTTT (you knew that one was coming), I liked watching her open up throughout the book. And as she found friends within the Dark Knights family, she really grew into a snarky, sweet teenager. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

I’ve read books by Melissa before that had disability reps in them and it was nice to see how she wove dyslexia into Colette’s story. It tied back to Zander and Zeke all over again (and we all know I love those two boys!) but it was nice to see how Zeke stepped in and offered help to Colette so she didn’t feel like an outsider.

I never would have thought of audiobooks as a way to help dyslexic people enjoy reading, though it’s just one more reason why I absolutely love them and believe they are TOTALLY real books!

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Preacher turns 60 and Gramps is up to his same old tricks!

I love the Dark Knights motorcycle club so much!! And the best part about HIS WICKED WAYS was seeing them all come together (200+ people, if I read right) to celebrate their president (Preacher – that’s Blaine’s dad)’s birthday. So many family and close friends of the family. All strong, broody bikers … and of course, a cake-sneaking Grandpa!

The Wickeds embraced Reese and her sister like it was the most natural thing in the world. I especially loved Blaine’s sister, Madigan, and his mother, Reba.

I’m not sure what it is about the older generation when Melissa writes them (think: Bra Brigade from Silver Island 🤣) but I adore the grandparents! I adored Gramps and all his sugary shenanigans. What really stood out to me, though, was the way he talked about his late wife. There is so much emotion and love there! The advice he gives Blaine (who is trying to work through his overly emotional attachment to Reese) is perfect and had me in tears.


His Wicked Ways by Melissa Foster book review

His Wicked Ways by Melissa Foster
Series: The Wickeds: Dark Knights at Bayside #5
Also in the Series: A Little Bit Wicked, The Wicked Aftermath, Crazy Wicked Love, The Wicked Truth, Talk Wicked to Me
Publisher: World Literary Press
Pub Date: November 8, 2023
Format: Kindle
Source: eARC
Genre: Romance
Tropes: contemporary, new adult, single guardian, dominant hero, spicy romance

Do I recommend it? Of course! Blaine Wicked is an alpha caveman, but he’s got a heart of gold. I highly recommend this book to all Melissa Foster fans (especially those who thought he was a jerk in Madigan’s book).

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