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ARC Book Review: Harper by Katy Regnery


Let’s talk about HARPER by Katy Regnery! This is my first book from Katy Regnery and I can tell you it won’t be my last. Second chance romances are some of my favorites, and Joe and Harper did not disappoint. Add in some gorgeous Alaskan scenery and fun expeditions, and you have a winning combination.

But don’t just take my word for it … go read this gem yourself!

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My First Thoughts About HARPER

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Have you read HARPER yet?

My first thoughts? I love that this book is set in Alaska! This is one place I’ve always wanted to visit, and I was surprised to find out the main town – Skagway – is a real place!

Heartbroken right from the start

HARPER starts with 30-somethings Harper and Joe. Once madly in love, they have parted ways for reasons that are undisclosed to the reader at the start. But just because they aren’t together, doesn’t mean strong feelings aren’t present.

The first glimpse we’re given of Harper shows that she still cares very deeply about Joe, even though (by her own admission), she’s done something he could never forgive. And Joe is just as lovesick as she is.

“I have to peeeeee!”

first line, HARPER

I am such a sucker for big families!

If you’ve read any of my Melissa Foster reviews, you probably know I am such a sucker for big families! I love that there’s always another book to dive into and stir those feelings back up.

I’m jumping into the Stewart family on book 2 but (other than a few teensy spoilers – that can’t really be considered spoilers because we’re reading romance here … duh!) these books seem like they can be read as standalones. Big win for me!

Continue on with the Stewart family …


This is the first book I’ve read and reviewed using the CAWPILE Rating System (if you don’t know what CAWPILE is, check out this video by G @ Book Roast – she’s the creator of it and explains all about how to use CAWPILE).

Characters and Relationships0

HARPER has a very strong cast of characters. We have Joe, the sheriff, and Harper, the Alaskan tour guide. Harper and Joe used to be madly in love but now Harper avoids Joe like the plague and he doesn't know why. I enjoyed most of the characters, with the exception of Joe's cousin Sandra. And from what I saw of them, I really enjoyed Harper's family. They were pretty tight and very supportive.

Atmosphere and Setting0

This book takes place in Skagway, Alaska - which, it turns out, is an actual place! I didn't get a huge feel for the town because HARPER is very character and plot-driven. The small town vibe was definitely there, though.

Writing Style0

As my first intro to Katy Regnery's books, I found I really enjoyed her writing style. She does a phenomenal job of "showing, not telling", so it was easy to stay immersed in the story. Even though HARPER is told from dual perspectives (but both first person), it was easy for me to keep everything straight. Both characters are written with very distinct voices so it was easy to tell who was narrating.

Plot and Ending0

HARPER is told in first person, dual perspectives, as well as dual timelines. While I had very little issues with the first person-dual perspective, the dual timelines did give me a bit of trouble. The book alternates between "Harper and Joe together" and "Harper and Joe not together".

I was about 30% of the way through the book when "what I did" was finally revealed. Up to that point, Harper just keeps saying that she's done something and Joe will never forgive her. Once it's revealed, though, there is a LOT of drama and the book really picks up.

The last chapter and epilogue - this threw me off a bit because the epilogue was just a sneak peek into the next book in the series. As for the ending - everything was wrapped up, yes. But it was done so quickly that it felt very rushed to me.

Intrigue or Charm0

Did HARPER keep my attention? The first half, it was ok. The second half, I was hooked and really invested in finding out what happened. A couple of times, it felt like everything between Harper and Joe was just going in circles, but for the most part, I was interested in picking this book up and seeing how everything worked out.

Logic and Believability (also Magic)0

As mentioned before, I struggled just a bit with the dual timelines (on top of the dual perspectives), but the majority of this book made perfect sense. Things progressed in a way that didn't seem confusing or overdone.


This book was very enjoyable to me. It had a bit more of a negative to positive ratio than I would have liked - so much of the book centered on either Harper avoiding Joe or Joe being pissed at Harper. I would have liked to see a bit more positive interaction between them, but I still really enjoyed what I read.


HARPER by Katy Regnery is the drama-filled second chance romance of Harper Stewart and Joe Raven.

A Summary of HARPER

Harper Katy Regnery

Harper by Katy Regnery
Series: The Stewarts of Skagway #2
Also in the Series: Tanner, Hunter, Sawyer, Parker
Publisher: Katharine Gilliam Regnery
Pub Date: March 21, 2024
Format: e-ARC
Source: Grey's Promo
Genre: Romance
Tropes: second chance
Pages: 264
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I would highly recommend HARPER by Katy Regnery to any fans of stories set in Alaska, as well as second chance romance lovers!

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And a few final thoughts ...

HARPER by Katy Regnery is a drama-filled second chance romance that takes you on a tour of small town Alaska while it helps mend emotional wounds of two childhood sweethearts. If you've read any of the Stewarts of Skagway books, let me know in the comments what you thought!

Happy reading, xo!

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