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ARC Book Review: Falling For Mr. Bad by Melissa Foster


Hey book friends! I am so excited to be celebrating not only my oldest minion’s birthday today, but also the book birthday for Melissa Foster’s newest sexy couple – Kane Bad and Sable Montgomery! FALLING FOR MR. BAD is the book that’s pulled me out of my months-long reading slump and I can’t wait for you to meet Kane, the sexy billionaire and Sable, the snarky bada** musician! So let’s get to it!

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“She moved with the confidence of an expert and the stealth of a she-panther. Which he found strangely, and insanely, sexy.”

FALLING FOR MR. BAD by Melissa Foster

Kane and Sable are 🔥right from the start!

Kane Bad and Sable Montgomery book review
Have you read FALLING FOR MR. BAD yet?

The chemistry between Kane and Sable is red-hot right from the start! From the moment she sees the city slicker on the side of the road by his rental car, it’s obvious this romance is going to come with a hefty dose of snark!

Oh yes, 5 stars!

If I wasn’t giggling at the banter between Kane and Sable (especially when they’re still fighting their attraction to each other), I was swooning over Big Daddy Kane 💕

How can a man with such a thick shell be so infuriatingly romantic?

But, as usual, it was the ending that sold the 5-star rating. I can’t say much because this isn’t a spoilery review, but there’s a teary-eyed HEA in FALLING FOR MR. BAD.

All the siblings!

My favorite part of Melissa Foster’s Love in Bloom series is how often the siblings and friends pop up from other books. FALLING FOR MR. BAD let us catch a glimpse of Amber and Dash living out their happily ever after, as well as Johnny and Jillian in their pre-wedding (and pre-twins!) bliss!

Sable is all about protecting her siblings and she often puts their needs ahead of her own. The best part of this new relationship for her is that Kane is exactly the same way! He stepped in to take over as his brother Johnny’s band manager when all heck broke loose. Mr. Billionaire, with a bazillion businesses of his own, dropped everything to be there for his brother.

Serious cardio liquification 💕

And Sable, in the middle of a VERY important music tour, drops everything to fly home (at Kane’s urging) when all heck breaks loose in her family. These two are made for each other!

“’She’s not keen on the idea? What kind of musician doesn’t jump at the chance to open a world tour for one of the hottest rock stars of the decade?’ Kane Bad said into his rental car’s Bluetooth Friday evening.”

first line, FALLING FOR MR. BAD

Sable isn’t a fame-seeker …

I love how Sable isn’t one of those girls who craves fame. She’s a musician because she loves it. Does this make things a bit complicated for her (and for Kane, who is tasked with getting her to say yes to the tour)? Yes. And I want to say her bandmates are dicks about wanting to do the tour (because they want the fame and all), but I also got where they were coming from.

On that note, she’s not after Kane for his money either. She actually fights AGAINST having any sort of relationship with him for the majority of the book. This woman can take care of herself (and her family), pay her own way, and doesn’t need a man for anything.

FALLING FOR MR. BAD does have a Dementia trigger

As someone who’s lost my Nana to Dementia, I know this can be a trigger.

However, don’t avoid FALLING FOR MR. BAD because of it. Deloris is one of my favorite characters. She’s basically a surrogate grandmother to Sable and their relationship reminded me so much of the one I shared with my Nana 💕 Seeing what Sable went through, as Deloris had moments of not knowing her, tugged at my heartstrings. But she’s a large part of reason why Sable is who she is.

Just a teensy bit about the ending

No spoilers here. But oh my gosh, that ending!! Serious happy tears.

Throughout the book, there were little nagging things in my brain – things I wanted to see happen. And at the end of the book, Kane wraps everything up so sweet and romantically. I was in tears.

I am eagerly awaiting Sable’s twin sister, Pepper’s book (did I forget to mention Sable’s a twin? And this booknerd LOVES twins!).


Falling For Mr Bad Book Review

Falling For Mr. Bad by Melissa Foster
Series: The Bradens & Montgomerys, Pleasant Hill – Oak Falls
Also in the Series: Embracing Her Heart | Anything for Love | Trails of Love | Wild, Crazy Hearts | Making You Mine | Searching for Love | Hot for Love | Sweet, Sexy Heart | Then Came Love | Rocked by Love
Publisher: World Literary Press
Pub Date: February 21, 2024
Format: Kindle eARC
Source: eARC via the author
Genre: Romance
Tropes: enemies to lovers, close proximity, forbidden romance, workplace romance, small town
Pages: 389
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I highly recommend FALLING FOR MR. BAD for fans of stubborn, alpha heroes and snarky, independent heroines! It makes for a very hot romance🔥!

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