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10 Books on my TBR with One Word Titles

Today, we’re going to be talking about books on my TBR (to be read list) with One-Word Titles. Books with only a single word as a title are easy to remember and leave much to the imagination. These are just a few of the books I will be reading in the near future.

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One word book titles on my TBR
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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie so I’m picking one of the backlist topics – 10 one-word titles on my TBR – from July 17th of this year (which just happens to be mine and the hubby’s anniversary πŸ’•)

1. Ghosted

GHOSTED by Sarah Ready is on my TBR because of NetGalley (and how gorgeous the cover is!). But I love the idea of a dating and relationship expert who can’t talk to men. But when she moves into a dirt-cheap NYC apartment, it already has a tenant (Daniel, the ghost). This sounds reminiscent of my favorite romance movie – Just Like Heaven.

Goodreads | Amazon | Bookshop
Publisher: W. W. Crown
Pages: 490

2. Code

CODE by Mary Ting is the only book in the ISAN series that I haven’t read yet. If I remember right, there was a pretty big shock at the end of the last book and I’m really excited to continue with this YA dystopian series!

Goodreads | Amazon | Bookshop
Publisher: Vesuvian Books
Pages: 318

3. Icebreaker

I have always loved figure skating competitions and ICEBREAKER by Hannah Grace sounds like just that, combined with a perfectly hilarious rom-com! Figure skaters and a hockey team end up sharing a rink together and due to a mishap, Anastasia and the hockey team captain end up skating together. It’s always fun to see hockey guys put on tights and figure skate! They make for the best rom-coms.

If you’ve read this one, what did you think of it?

Goodreads | Amazon | Bookshop
Publisher: Pig & Bear Publishing
Pages: 435

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4. Skyhunter

SKYHUNTER by Marie Lu looks like it has everything I like to see in a dystopian/fantasy story. A war, elite fighters (including a badass girl!), and a mystery prisoner. The synopsis doesn’t give much more than that away so I’m going in pretty blind. But this sounds like a great read!

Goodreads | Amazon | Bookshop
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Pages: 384

5. Shipped

I absolutely love books set on cruise ships and SHIPPED by Angie Hockman is just that! Two social media/marketing managers are up for the same promotion. In order to get the job, they both need to create a proposal to boost bookings for a GalΓ‘pagos Islands cruise … and go on the cruise together. Of course, sparks fly when they’re on the cruise … but who will get the promotion? I love it!

Goodreads | Amazon | Bookshop
Publisher: Gallery Books
Pages: 336

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6. Charming

CHARMING by Jane Washington is all about a witch who is tasked with keeping Prince Charming (from Cinderella) on track with his fate. But Charming is too much of a player to settle down. At the same time, there’s a warlock tasked with keeping Lilou from being the next target in a string of magical murders.

Magic, fairytales, and a bit of thriller! Sounds like the perfect fairytale retelling to me!

Goodreads | Amazon | Bookshop
Publisher: Jane Washington
Pages: 390

7. Rushed

I have been seeing RUSHED by Aurora Rose Reynolds all over Bookstagram for awhile now and, though it’s been sitting on my Kindle shelf for about a year, I still haven’t gotten around to it. But what’s not to love about a woman who gets dumped right before her wedding, goes on a wilderness couples retreat by herself, and falls for the retreat’s owner? Sounds like it’s right up my alley!

Goodreads | Amazon | Bookshop
Publisher: Montlake
Pages: 214

8. Pucked

I haven’t read many sports romances but PUCKED by Helena Hunting has been on my TBR just because of how much I adore her writing. After binge-watching an entire season of Fixer Upper, I read Helena’s I FLIPPING LOVE YOU and I was hooked!

PUCKED is the story of a girl who’s stepbrother is an NHL player. It sounds like she falls for the team captain (portrayed as a player by the media) … or he falls first? Either way, it sounds intriguing!

Goodreads | Amazon | Bookshop
Publisher: Ink & Cupcakes, Inc.
Pages: 380

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9. Roomies

ROOMIES by Christina Lauren has been on my TBR since I read and fell in love with THE SOULMATE EQUATION. I love this writing duo’s style and a marriage of convenience sounds right up my reading alley!

Girl has a crush on street musician boy, boy saves girl from an attacker, girl gets him a job with her uncle on Broadway. But boy is in the country illegally so wild idea time – marriage of convenience. But there are sparks flying. This is going to be good!

Goodreads | Amazon | Bookshop
Publisher: Gallery Books
Pages: 368

10. Collide

COLLIDE by Michelle Madow is the story of a girl who is shot at a Halloween dance. But she doesn’t die. She wakes up in a parallel universe where her mom didn’t die in a car accident. But everything else is different – friends, boyfriend, etc. – and the shooting is still going to happen at the end of the week. So now she has to stop it.

This is one I really should have read before Halloween πŸ˜‚

Goodreads | Amazon | Bookshop
Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing
Pages: 278

And a few final thoughts …

Do you have any one-word titles on your bookshelf or have you read any of the titles on my TBR? In the comments, tell me the last book you read that had a one-word title. Happy reading, xo!

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One word book titles on my TBR
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  1. Great list! I’ve read The Soulmate Equation and I loved it! I wasn’t so keen on Roomies for some reason, unfortunately. I’ve read maybe five of Christina Lauren’s books, and I’ve rated them all over the place!

  2. I enjoyed it Icebreaker, it was fun and the romance was hot but cute, and the brotherhood friendships it was great.
    The only thing, In some parts it felt a little long. I loved the theme, especially her scenes skating, I love figure skating, its a beautiful sport

  3. Loved The Soulmate Equation as well, but Roomies was a bit of a disappointment. I’ve loved most everything else written by CL, though. Collide sounds like an interesting read. Great list and thanks for visiting my TTT!

  4. This is such a fun challenge! I’ve not read Icebreaker, but my friend loved it – a lot of spice haha. I’m not sure if any books I own are one-word, most seem to be two x

  5. A few of these sound like great reads and I am adding a few to my kindle πŸ˜‰ I am looking for a new good read as I just finished 3 and am ready for something new.

  6. Skyhunter is fun!

    As someone who works at a library, one-word titles are a nuisance XD It’s so hard to find books if they only have one word, but I guess that just makes my job more of a challenge!

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