Summer blog post ideas for food bloggers

50 Summer Blog Post Ideas for Food Bloggers

If there’s one thing you need to know as a food blogger, it’s how to keep your content fresh and engaging (and tasty!). But when the temps are climbing and the beach is calling your name, sometimes a little bit of idea block can creep in. I know it does for me! That’s why I’ve put together a tasty list of 50 summer food blog post ideas (that aren’t all recipes!). Use these to spice up your blog or fill your content calendar so you can spend more time in the sun and sand. Either way, get ready to unleash your creativity and make your readers hungry for more!

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Summer Food Blog Post Ideas

  1. Best picnic recipes for kids (or a date night!)
  2. Tips for grilling steaks, burgers, and fruit (seriously, someone tell me how to grill fruit! It sounds amazing!)
  3. No-bake desserts to beat the summer heat (you could do this as a round-up)
  4. How to make cold-brew coffee or tea
  5. Crockpot recipes that won’t heat up the house (is it a Crockpot or Slow Cooker?)
  6. Talk about the benefits of eating local (and/or organic) produce during the summer
  7. Tips for growing your own vegetables – I’m not doing too shabby with tomatoes right now 🤞
  8. Share a round-up of the best ice cream recipes (bonus points if they’re unique flavors)
  9. Create an ultimate guide to summer cocktails
  10. How to make smoothie packs (I like to use silicone reusable sandwich bags for mine)
  11. How to make pizza on the grill
  12. Do a round-up of summer salad recipes you can take to a backyard barbecue
  13. Round-up of some of your favorite gluten-free summer recipes
  14. Tips for making homemade popsicles with your kids
  15. Do you have a recipe for the best homemade salsa? (black bean and corn is a favorite in our family!)
  16. Tips for storing and preserving your summer produce
  17. How to organize a summer food swap with your family/friends/neighbors
  18. How to encourage your picky eater to try new foods this summer (without the tears)
  19. The best kid-friendly summer snacks
  20. Share a round-up of the best summer food-related activities and crafts to do with kids (there are more of them than you think!)
  21. Review different farmer’s markets in your town/state/country
  22. Share some summer food tips for travelers
  23. How to eat healthy (and safely) while traveling this summer
  24. Share a list of the best street food vendors in any city
  25. Share tips for traveling with someone who has food allergies
Summer blog post ideas for food bloggers

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  1. Lazy summer dinner ideas (for when it’s just too hot to cook and you’re sick of cereal)
  2. How to use seasonal fruits and herbs to make anything from jams to syrups and tasty cocktails
  3. How to make smoothie bowls (these are my favorite in the summer!)
  4. Do a round-up of the best cold pasta salads for potlucks
  5. Tips for hosting an outdoor family reunion (with an emphasis on the food … I don’t know about your family but mine is ALL about the food!)
  6. Recipe for making the best summer fruit pizza
  7. How to take mouth-watering summer food photos for Instagram (bonus points if you can give pointers for using your phone OR pro camera!)
  8. How to start a food journal and track your eating habits/goals
  9. Tips for drinking more water this summer, how to pick the right water bottle, and easy flavored water recipes
  10. How to organize your fridge and pantry so you don’t waste any summer produce
  11. Best food festivals and events to add to your summer calendar
  12. How to make your own food gifts with summer ingredients
  13. Tips for creating a DIY food composting system
  14. How to save money on produce this summer (we’re growing our own … well, trying to!)
  15. 3 ways to lose weight this summer without sacrificing your favorite foods
  16. Best summer foods to help you lose weight
  17. DIY edible art with your kids
  18. How to celebrate your child’s summer birthday
  19. Best foods to try at a theme park – an “eat-your-way-through” tour would be fun!
  20. Must-try foods at Disney World (or copycat Disney recipes if you have some!)
  21. Plan a staycation and explore your local restaurants/street vendors
  22. What are some of the best foods to grill or smoke in the summer?
  23. How to make a summer food trivia game that will be a hit at your next party
  24. Best energizing foods to pack when you’re hiking this summer
  25. The best summer comfort foods
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And a few final thoughts …

And there you have it! 50 tasty summer blog post ideas for food bloggers. If you want a little break from the recipes or just want to try something new, I’m confident you’ll find something to satisfy your readers. Experiment, have fun, and share your love of food with the world! I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and if you find inspiration in one of these prompts, be sure to let me know so I can share it! Happy blogging, xo!

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