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240+ Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Will Love

We’ve all been there, right? You sit down at your computer to write a blog post that’s helpful, inspiring, and maybe even a little funny. Something your readers will enjoy and want to share with their friends and family. As the cursor blinks on the screen, your mind goes blank. Surely every topic in your niche has already been talked about, right?

If this sounds familiar to you, don’t worry! Creating fresh and engaging content is a struggle for many bloggers, especially new ones. It’s ok to feel stuck or even a little bored with your blog from time to time.

In this blog post, I’ll share with you over 240 of the best blog post ideas to engage your audience and re-spark your love of writing (because let’s face it, can you be a blogger if you don’t like to write?). Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced blogger, I’m confident you’ll find something in this list that will inspire the creative gnomes in your head. So, grab your favorite coffee cup (preferably full), and let’s jump right in!

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Book Blog Post Ideas

Ice Planet Barbarians Ruby Dixon book bloggers blog post ideas

I have spent four years in the book blogging and bookstagram niche … and this list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what you can talk about. Book blogs don’t have to be limited to reviews, though every book blog should have some of those.

  1. Of course, you can (and should!) share book reviews
  2. List 10 books you want to read by the end of the year
  3. Do an author interview or spotlight (bonus points if it’s an Indie author!) – the key to author interviews is to do something creative. Asking generic questions and putting up book links doesn’t cut it. Get creative and have some fun!
  4. Share a round-up of your favorite book bloggers – a few of mine are Purposely Unperfect, Books and Bindings, and She Reads Romance Books!
  5. Facebook groups to join as a book blogger – I have a brand new group if you’re looking!
  6. Non-fiction November – share a listicle or mini reviews of your favorite non-fiction books. (I’m currently reading You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero and loving it!)
  7. Books that changed your life and why
  8. Shelfies! Everyone loves a shelfie! Organize your bookshelf and share pics and tips. You can easily turn this into a discussion of how readers prefer to organize their shelves (bonus points if you reach out to your fellow bookstagrammers or book bloggers and ask them!) – alphabetical, by author, by color, etc.
  9. Talk about your favorite romance tropes – (I am a second chance romance lover all the way!)
  10. 10 books based on true stories
  11. Books that are underrated but should be on everyone’s TBR
  12. Do you read Banned Books? What are some of your favorites? Do you think books should be banned?
  13. TBR (to be read) list for 2023 (or whatever year it is when you do this)
  14. Books you’ve DNF’d (did not finish) that other readers loved
  15. Share your favorite Bookstagram (bookish Instagram) accounts
  16. Tips for taking unique book photos
  17. How to start a book club – you can find the one that I host with my bookish bestie here!
  18. How to work with brands as a book blogger
  19. Talk about book covers – share ones that have beautiful covers and do they reflect the story?
  20. Tips for readers who want to write a book
  21. Talk about the differences between traditionally published books vs. Indie (independently published) books
  22. Who is your favorite author? Talk about your top 3 books by them. (or top 3 books a new-to-them reader should start with)
  23. Talk about book-to-movie adaptations – are you a fan of endings that change 🤬 Percy Jackson 🤬
  24. List your favorite props for book photos
  25. How to annotate books (and what are your thoughts about it?)
  26. Kindle, paperback, audio, or hardcover? Share pros & cons and start a discussion
  27. List your favorite picture books – or ones you think every parent should have
  28. Holiday book recommendations
  29. Sci-fi book recommendations
  30. Romance book recommendations (I always have plenty of these!)
  31. Thriller book recommendations (seeing a pattern? This works for any genre!)
  32. Tips for using NetGalley as a book reviewer
  33. Talk about the differences between Bookstagram, BookTok (bookish TikTok), BookTube (bookish YouTube), and book blogging
  34. Podcasts every avid reader should listen to
  35. Share some of your favorite Little Free Libraries – my book club co-host has an adorable LFL! (do you have one? Showcase it!)
  36. Reese’s Book Club recommendations – have you read any of them?
  37. Favorite book quotes
  38. Cover reveals
  39. Book tags – these are always fun on Bookstagram or BookTube but can definitely be used as a blog post idea
  40. Top Ten Tuesday – seriously, this website is a prompt list by itself! Each Tuesday, there’s a new topic and you can pick any of the backlog ones to write a post about – I think they’ve been going since about 2010 so you’ll find at least a few 😉 – bonus note: there’s a link-up attached each Tuesday so it’s a great way to get an extra boost of traffic to your website!
  41. Freebie books! Everyone loves a good freebie list – you could also turn this into a “where to find discounted books” list but be careful sharing sites that promise free books. They’re not all legit and some offer books that have been pirated from authors!
  42. Bookish resolutions – this is a fun post to do at the beginning of January! I love writing resolutions (and TBR lists) … but I always break them. Oh well!
  43. Book buying bans – have you done them? How do you survive them?
  44. Best reads of 2023 so far
  45. Famous authors (alive or dead) that you’d love to have a cup of coffee (or tea) with
  46. Monthly/yearly reading wrap-up
  47. Host a reading challenge – for a few years, I hosted an AtoZ Reading Challenge and we had a lot of fun with it!

Pet blog post ideas

Lucy The Booknerd Copywriter pet blog ideas
That’s my Lucy 💕

Are you a puppy (or kitty) parent like me? Pet blogs are a great way to interact with other pet parents and share your knowledge. Just like kids, pets parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual (IYKYK).

  1. Potty training tips (this works for Mommy blogs, too!)
  2. How to train your dog to do tricks
  3. Tips for picking the right pet for your family
  4. How to travel with your dog, cat, frog (do people travel with frogs? Seriously, if you do, I want to know!)
  5. How to adopt a rescue pet and the challenges you might face
  6. How to take great photos of your pet (the above photo is one of the FEW non-blurry photos I have of mine … she’s photo-challenged)
  7. Tips for starting a pet blog
  8. Review different types of pet food – we’re considering a more all-natural brand and it’s amazing how many choices there are on the market!
  9. Review different pet toys – especially the ones marked as indestructible … FYI, not all of them really are!
  10. DIY dog toys – I found some really cute ones on Pinterest!
  11. Best brands to work with as a pet blogger
  12. Pet-safe birthday cakes
  13. How to throw the perfect pet birthday party
  14. Tips for introducing your new pet to your other pet(s) – this could also be used as tips for introducing your pet to your newborn
  15. Share tips for grooming your pet at home – bathing, brushing, trimming their nails
  16. How to deal with pet allergies
  17. Best products for getting rid of pet hair on clothes/furniture
  18. Talk about why you should/shouldn’t let your dog on the furniture

Parenting/Mommy blog post ideas

Parenting blog post ideas

Mommy blogs are great for new moms to write because there’s a HUGE community of supportive Mommy bloggers out there! Most bloggers think they can only share tips on their blogs but if you have a story, share it! I guarantee there are other moms out there going through the same thing, although I was sure as a new mom that all my problems were 100% unique to me (rolls eyes at younger self).

Use your blog to connect with other moms and share your experiences!

  1. Parenting hacks: tips for making life easier with kids at any stage of your parenting journey
  2. Messy play ideas – this could also be sensory play
  3. How to feed picky eaters – the struggle is real
  4. Tips for managing screen time
  5. 10 things I wish I knew before having my first child
  6. How to embrace imperfection
  7. Funny moments in parenting – share some of your own or network with other Mommy bloggers and write a round-up
  8. Time saving tips for busy moms
  9. Self-care tips for moms
  10. Balancing life as a mompreneur
  11. Relaxing ideas for Mommy time
  12. Share some of your favorite fashion trends for moms
  13. Meal planning tips for new moms
  14. Dads in the kitchen – one of my favorite dad bloggers is Real Food by Dad
  15. DIY projects for/with dad
  16. Father’s Day gift ideas for dad
  17. How to build a DIY bird feeder with your kids – the littlest minion came home with one from school and it is the CUTEST thing!
  18. Tips for nurturing a strong relationship with your spouse as parents
  19. Parenting twins
  20. Parenting newborns, toddlers, teenagers
  21. Write a post about co-sleeping – tips, do you agree with it, best products
  22. Best educational toys for toddlers
  23. Homeschooling – share the best online resources and apps (This is something I wish I had when Covid threw us into distance learning)
  24. Write about how to find a homeschooling co-op
  25. Tips to keep your kids entertained and engaged during summer break
  26. Pros and cons of different parenting styles – be respectful because everyone has their own style of parenting
  27. How to create a cozy and inviting home for your family
  28. Tips for dealing with tantrums, meltdowns, or other challenging behaviors
  29. How to travel with small children
  30. Ways to foster a love of reading and learning in your kids
  31. How to start a side hustle as a mom – you can also include some great ideas for side hustles to start
  32. Fitness and wellness tips for new moms
  33. Breastfeeding advice for new moms
  34. How to connect with your partner after having a baby
  35. 10 date night ideas on a budget
  36. Tips for coping with postpartum depression and anxiety
  37. 10 must-do summer break activities
  38. Round-up of the cutest Easter dresses (pro tip: this would make a great affiliate post!)

Food blog post ideas

Lemon Raspberry Banana Bread food blog post ideas
The tastiest food photo I ever took … the banana bread was pretty good too!

When I’m looking for something to make for dinner, food blogs are the first place I hit up (after Pinterest, of course)! Here are a few blog post ideas for when you don’t have time to cook but need something to keep your audience engaged (and a little hungry) 😉

  1. Tips for cooking with kids
  2. Round-up of your favorite gluten-free meals (or bloggers)
  3. How to cook for a crowd (and keep your sanity!)
  4. One-pot meals or 30-minute meals
  5. Grilling & BBQ essentials (or a round-up of your favorite recipes)
  6. Holiday side dishes
  7. Farm-to-table recipes
  8. Review a favorite local restaurant
  9. How to start a food blog – with some unique tips that you don’t see on every other “how to blog” post
  10. Best props for food photography
  11. DIY sauces
  12. Tips for adapting recipes to special diets & allergies
  13. A foodie’s guide to your city
  14. Food and wine pairings
  15. Food markets around the globe – this is great for travel bloggers, too
  16. How to take stunning food photos for Pinterest & Instagram
  17. A round-up of popular food trends of 2023
  18. The best vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, or keto recipes for any holiday
  19. How to make your own sourdough starter
  20. Tips for cooking with seasonal ingredients and reducing food waste
  21. Best Facebook groups to join as a food blogger

Personal finance blog post ideas

Personal finance blog post ideas coins in a jar

How many ways can you write about money? It turns out, quite a few!

  1. 10 creative/unusual ways to make money
  2. Budgeting tips for beginners + actionable steps (everyone loves tips they can put into practice and see results from!)
  3. How to save money
  4. Round-up of your favorite personal finance blogs – one of my favorites is Making Sense of Cents
  5. How I paid of $10,000 of debt in 5 years – or however much you’ve paid off + actionable steps your readers can follow
  6. 10 real ways to make money from home – it’s so hard to find a legit list of things I can do at home (and I can only sell so many of my own things on the Internet!)
  7. How to build an emergency fund
  8. Tips for travelling on a budget
  9. Write a beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency
  10. Investing tips for beginners
  11. Creative ways to save money for your wedding
  12. How to make money with affiliate marketing – this can fall into a few different niches, as you’ll see from my list
  13. Tips for building multiple income streams
  14. How to start an Etsy store
  15. Review different streaming services – Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+ – and talk about which ones you recommend or how to save money on streaming
  16. Create a saving challenge – make a cute printable in Canva to offer participants
  17. How to save money on healthcare – you can easily cater this blog post to the freelancer niche

Lifestyle blog post ideas

Lifestyle blog post ideas
  1. A day in your life – share your routine or habits
  2. Home décor ideas (I personally love the farmhouse look!)
  3. Rental home décor
  4. DIY farmhouse décor ideas
  5. Organization tips – is anyone else obsessed with The Home Edit?
  6. A list of your favorite books, movies, shows, podcasts, or music
  7. A review of a product, service, or app that you love
  8. A round-up of your favorite lifestyle bloggers or influencers – these are my favorite posts because I always find more amazing bloggers to follow!
  9. A Q&A post where you answer questions from your followers
  10. Tips on how to collaborate with brands, especially as a new blogger
  11. Where to find brands to collaborate with
  12. Write a seasonal or themed post where you share ideas, tips, recommendations, or inspiration
  13. Do a post about your favorite holiday traditions
  14. Best lifestyle blogger groups to join on Facebook

Freelance writing blog post ideas

Freelance writing blog post ideas

As a freelance copywriter, this is one of my favorite writing topics. Between client work, these blog posts will help keep your audience engaged and give you a medium to hone your skills.

  1. How to find your niche
  2. Tips to pitch clients and land high-paying writing gigs
  3. Share your thoughts on if you should use Upwork as a freelancer
  4. How to balance freelancing with a day job
  5. Write a post about how to deal with feedback, revisions, and rejections as a freelance writer
  6. Tools and resources for freelance writers
  7. Tips for building your online presence as a freelancer
  8. Overcoming imposter syndrome
  9. Where to find freelance writing clients
  10. Websites every freelance writer should bookmark
  11. Podcasts for copywriters (you could also do a YouTube version of this)
  12. How to network and collaborate with other writers
  13. What is copywriting? (this could also be, what is freelance writing)
  14. Tips on how to diversify your income streams and scale your freelance writing biz
  15. Write a post offering tips for writing engaging SEO-friendly content for different niches (this also applies to bloggers)
  16. How to manage your time and productivity as a freelancer
  17. List (and discuss) the best apps for writers
  18. How to create a portfolio that attracts clients
  19. How to grow a personal brand as a freelance writer
  20. Tips for avoiding burnout
  21. Review your favorite copywriting or freelance writing course
240+ blog post ideas for bloggers
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Blog posts about Blogging

With so many bloggers offering tips and tricks for newbies, it can be difficult to find a blog post idea that hasn’t been done a million times already. But remember, even if the concept has been written, it hasn’t been written by YOU.

Share what worked for you as a new blogger. Readers (myself included) love actionable steps more than general theories. If I’m trying to make money blogging, I want to know EXACTLY how to do it. Show me proof.

  1. What is blogging?
  2. Legal pages every blogger needs – I use these templates by an actual lawyer!
  3. A beginner’s guide to starting your own blog
  4. How to find your blogging niche
  5. SEO tips for new bloggers
  6. How often should you post as a new blogger?
  7. Tips for avoiding blogger burnout
  8. Share different ways new bloggers can monetize (bonus points if they’re not the same exact ways EVERY other blogger mentions)
  9. Affiliate marketing tips for bloggers – also include the best affiliate products for XYZ niche
  10. Pinterest tips for bloggers – I really love Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies course!
  11. Talk about the hot topic – AI – and how it is/isn’t the future of blogging
  12. Secret life of bloggers – interview some of your favorite bloggers and get them to share a quirky habit of theirs
  13. A day in the life of a blogger (you!)
  14. Share or review the best blogging courses
  15. Tips for how to use social media as a blogger
  16. Share some of the best ways to find affiliate products to recommend to your audience
  17. Best FREE resources for bloggers
  18. Tips for using ads on your blog without irritating your readers (that’s me, I’m one of the irritated readers)
  19. Compare the top blogging platforms – I personally use and love Siteground
  20. Write a post about the best themes for bloggers – I love my HelloYou theme – and why it’s important to have one that’s mobile-responsive
  21. Share your income report (with proof, please)
  22. How you made $$ in X months as a blogger – again, heavy on the proof. There are some bloggers who exaggerate or leave out big details (like they already had 10K followers on IG when they started their blog)
  23. Pros and cons of rebranding your blog
  24. Write a blog prompt list – do you have a ton of ideas for the food niche but you don’t have a food blog? Share a prompt list! Look at all the ideas I have for Mommy blogs – it doesn’t mean I want to start one. For me, blogging is my ME time and shouldn’t be centered around my kids
  25. Review ChatGPT and BingAI – what are some differences? Are they reliable?
  26. Write a post about why every blogger needs an email list
  27. Tips on how to grow that email list
  28. How to create printables in Canva to use as lead magnets for your email list
  29. Tips for writing headlines that attract readers
  30. Review different laptops or keyboards – I love my early anniversary present typewriter keyboard 💕

Gaming blog (or YouTube) ideas

Gaming blog post ideas YouTube

Do you love playing video games? Turn that passion into a blog or YouTube channel with one (or ten!) of these ideas.

  1. Write a post reviewing the different gaming platforms – Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, Steam
  2. How to start a game blog (are we seeing a pattern with this one yet?)
  3. Review the best video games released in 2023
  4. Write a listicle of anticipated video games of the year
  5. Review different gaming controllers
  6. Write a review of the Steam Deck – I swear my husband and my son could talk for days about the Steam Deck!
  7. Share your favorite YouTubers who talk about video games
  8. Discussion: should kids watch video game YouTubers? (I have strong opinions on this one!)
  9. Best video game tips for beginners
  10. What are some of your favorite video game soundtracks?
  11. Which came first: the video game or the movie/TV show? – discuss ones like Resident Evil, The Witcher, Halo, The Cuphead Show (another one I hear about often from the littles)
  12. How to improve cognitive skills with video games – wait, is this really possible? Now I’m curious!
  13. Talk about the history of video games
  14. Pros and cons of playing violent video games
  15. How to shelter your kids from violent video games
  16. What are the most popular video game genres? (how many times can I say video games?)

Fashion blog post ideas

Fashion blog post ideas
  1. Share your Outfit of the Day
  2. Talk about the latest fashion trends
  3. Fashion trends for kids – share your thoughts on some of them
  4. Tips for finding your personal style
  5. How to create a personal style on a budget
  6. Best places to buy trendy clothes
  7. Share your process for taking amazing Outfit of the Day photos for Instagram
  8. Who are some of your favorite fashion influencers?
  9. How to shop ethically and sustainably for fashion
  10. DIY ways to upcycle your old clothes
  11. Ways to collaborate with other fashion bloggers and brands
  12. How to monetize your fashion blog (again, are we seeing a pattern with this yet? Monetization works for any blog)
  13. Write an ultimate guide to accessorizing your outfits
  14. Listicle about the most flattering outfits for your body shape and size
  15. Tips for creating a capsule wardrobe for each season
  16. Share your favorite cozy winter fashion pieces. How about summer must-haves?
  17. Review your favorite bikini and a competitor
  18. How to mix and match prints like a pro
  19. Maternity fashion tips – this one works for Mommy bloggers, too!
  20. Share the best places to sell your gently used clothes
240+ blog post ideas for bloggers
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And a few final thoughts …

These blog post ideas are versatile and work whether you’re a Mommy blogger, book blogger, or anything in between. Hopefully, they’ll spark creativity and help you provide value, solve problems, and entertain your readers. If you turn these ideas into blog posts, let me know so I can share them!

What do you do when you’re in a creative rut? Let me know in the comments! Happy blogging, xo!

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